Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Friends At Last!

Hola Folks!

I have some good news, remember my entry "Space Invaders"? Well her nephew and I are now friends, early this morning after my meal she put me in my kennel while she put out the trash; Her nephew, little fella as she likes to call him came downstairs into the kitchen to eat his breakfast. I did not bark and he did not scream or cry, so after she went out into the living room to hang up her coat, I just came out of my kennel-( she never latches the door), the little fella did not scream but said "ooooooooh" as I ran out. But the amazing thing was that when we came back into the kitchen, I ran up to the boy and gave him a kiss and he liked it! He was laughing and I was just a wagging my tail, boy I am so glad that we are now friends. Of course I will still show myself a bully at times by barking and I mean my deep bark; but all in all I just love it. Peace out folks!

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Monday, October 19, 2009

A Good Old Tummy Rub

Hey Folks!

Yes, there's nothing that I love more than a good old tummy rub; and it feels so good! She came home from church early today, let me outside and gave me my favorite treat, a milk bone. After she ate a little something I rolled on to my back and she rubbed and scratched, rubbed and scratched; if I could really talk I would have told her to keep it up girl, don't stop. But folks she kept it up for a whole 15 minutes, yep folks can you believe it, 15 minutes? She rubbed my belly and under my arm pits, my mane, chin and it all felt oh so good. Ooooh, I hope that she will do that again and again every single day for 15 minutes, who knows perhaps she will go a little longer the next time. Oh folks, life sure is good! Peace out people.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Space Invaders


My space has been invaded my a 1 yr old boy, yeah that's right! Her little nephew and his mother are invading my space, even though it is only temporary I can't roam around like I usually do; the boy is terrified of me, oh yeah- I know that I am so bad! He is not only terrified by my looks, but my louder than life bark. She is always telling me that my bark is worst than my bite. Well whatever, if I can appear to be big and bad and intimidating to the boy, oh well! I know that he cannot come into my main space and that is our room, she does have a mini-gate up so with the door opened I can still be intimidating. Guess what? The little fella doesn't even realize that I really like him, as a matter of fact I love kids period. Shhhhhh! mums the word folks cause I have to keep up with the norm of canines. Oh, the little fella just woke from his nap, peace out y'all.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cutest Dog Competition
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How Do You Spell Relief?

Hey ya folks!

How do I spell relief? H*A*R*T*Z! That's how I spell relief because she brought home this Hartz hydrocortisone with aloe spray for dogs and I feel so much better; so much relief and I do know that with all of my scratching and biting every minute or so, that I gave her so much grief. You know, just by watching me and I could tell that it was getting on her nerves, but what about me? I was the one with the never ending itching and it seemed like it was all over my body. So she started spraying me once a day on the inside of my hind legs, on both sides of my belly and under; and I can tell you that it really seemed to do the trick, of course it was a little cold going on but that was nothing compared to the intense itching. Now folks I can rest and my skin feels so much relief I just can't tell you just how much. Now I can really get down to much mischief along with my playing and sleeping-(finally), and perhaps I can be her lapdog, oh okay maybe not that because I am a husky 95lbs so I guess being her lapdog is out of the question. And anyway folks she is nice enough to let me jump on the bed, you know who wants an itchy dog on the bed all of the time, so I can understand that. Before the spray I was up on the bed all nice and comfy, and she contented and I have to go and ruin it by digging and scratching, and I am really sneaky and wait until she leaves the room to get down to digging; oh snap! That really ticks her off folks and she loudly tells me to "GET DOWN NOW!" Anyway, none of that because my skin is relieved and refreshed. Well life is even better now- peace out folks!

Monday, October 12, 2009

To Each His Own

Hi Folks!

Sometimes I don't think that she really understands me as a dog at all, I mean some of the things that I do when I'm outside, you know? Yes, to her it's gross but to me it's just being a dog y'all. Besides sniffing at every corner and every inch of our backyard, I sometimes catch a scent and lick the ground or leaves and that really freaks her out. Hey and sometimes she gets so mad and yells for me to come in; and you know me folks, hey all dogs are good at reading body language so what do I do? I stand at the steps and look at her intently, then I come up slowly and finally creep inside. Yeah, still knowing that she is still mad at me, so folks we dogs have an excellent sense of smell and because I focus on a particular scent that I like, and take in a deeper sniff and lick she doesn't understand it. Ya know so what! I don't have any idea that I could possibly catch something and get sick, and although as a pup I loved to eat sticks and got roundworms not once but three times, so I am supposed to be aware of that? I AM A DOG FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE! Not just your everyday normal dog, but an exceptional intelligent one, after all I am a blogger right? Life is still good, Peace out!