Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How Do You Spell Relief?

Hey ya folks!

How do I spell relief? H*A*R*T*Z! That's how I spell relief because she brought home this Hartz hydrocortisone with aloe spray for dogs and I feel so much better; so much relief and I do know that with all of my scratching and biting every minute or so, that I gave her so much grief. You know, just by watching me and I could tell that it was getting on her nerves, but what about me? I was the one with the never ending itching and it seemed like it was all over my body. So she started spraying me once a day on the inside of my hind legs, on both sides of my belly and under; and I can tell you that it really seemed to do the trick, of course it was a little cold going on but that was nothing compared to the intense itching. Now folks I can rest and my skin feels so much relief I just can't tell you just how much. Now I can really get down to much mischief along with my playing and sleeping-(finally), and perhaps I can be her lapdog, oh okay maybe not that because I am a husky 95lbs so I guess being her lapdog is out of the question. And anyway folks she is nice enough to let me jump on the bed, you know who wants an itchy dog on the bed all of the time, so I can understand that. Before the spray I was up on the bed all nice and comfy, and she contented and I have to go and ruin it by digging and scratching, and I am really sneaky and wait until she leaves the room to get down to digging; oh snap! That really ticks her off folks and she loudly tells me to "GET DOWN NOW!" Anyway, none of that because my skin is relieved and refreshed. Well life is even better now- peace out folks!

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