Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Friends At Last!

Hola Folks!

I have some good news, remember my entry "Space Invaders"? Well her nephew and I are now friends, early this morning after my meal she put me in my kennel while she put out the trash; Her nephew, little fella as she likes to call him came downstairs into the kitchen to eat his breakfast. I did not bark and he did not scream or cry, so after she went out into the living room to hang up her coat, I just came out of my kennel-( she never latches the door), the little fella did not scream but said "ooooooooh" as I ran out. But the amazing thing was that when we came back into the kitchen, I ran up to the boy and gave him a kiss and he liked it! He was laughing and I was just a wagging my tail, boy I am so glad that we are now friends. Of course I will still show myself a bully at times by barking and I mean my deep bark; but all in all I just love it. Peace out folks!

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Monday, October 19, 2009

A Good Old Tummy Rub

Hey Folks!

Yes, there's nothing that I love more than a good old tummy rub; and it feels so good! She came home from church early today, let me outside and gave me my favorite treat, a milk bone. After she ate a little something I rolled on to my back and she rubbed and scratched, rubbed and scratched; if I could really talk I would have told her to keep it up girl, don't stop. But folks she kept it up for a whole 15 minutes, yep folks can you believe it, 15 minutes? She rubbed my belly and under my arm pits, my mane, chin and it all felt oh so good. Ooooh, I hope that she will do that again and again every single day for 15 minutes, who knows perhaps she will go a little longer the next time. Oh folks, life sure is good! Peace out people.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Space Invaders


My space has been invaded my a 1 yr old boy, yeah that's right! Her little nephew and his mother are invading my space, even though it is only temporary I can't roam around like I usually do; the boy is terrified of me, oh yeah- I know that I am so bad! He is not only terrified by my looks, but my louder than life bark. She is always telling me that my bark is worst than my bite. Well whatever, if I can appear to be big and bad and intimidating to the boy, oh well! I know that he cannot come into my main space and that is our room, she does have a mini-gate up so with the door opened I can still be intimidating. Guess what? The little fella doesn't even realize that I really like him, as a matter of fact I love kids period. Shhhhhh! mums the word folks cause I have to keep up with the norm of canines. Oh, the little fella just woke from his nap, peace out y'all.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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How Do You Spell Relief?

Hey ya folks!

How do I spell relief? H*A*R*T*Z! That's how I spell relief because she brought home this Hartz hydrocortisone with aloe spray for dogs and I feel so much better; so much relief and I do know that with all of my scratching and biting every minute or so, that I gave her so much grief. You know, just by watching me and I could tell that it was getting on her nerves, but what about me? I was the one with the never ending itching and it seemed like it was all over my body. So she started spraying me once a day on the inside of my hind legs, on both sides of my belly and under; and I can tell you that it really seemed to do the trick, of course it was a little cold going on but that was nothing compared to the intense itching. Now folks I can rest and my skin feels so much relief I just can't tell you just how much. Now I can really get down to much mischief along with my playing and sleeping-(finally), and perhaps I can be her lapdog, oh okay maybe not that because I am a husky 95lbs so I guess being her lapdog is out of the question. And anyway folks she is nice enough to let me jump on the bed, you know who wants an itchy dog on the bed all of the time, so I can understand that. Before the spray I was up on the bed all nice and comfy, and she contented and I have to go and ruin it by digging and scratching, and I am really sneaky and wait until she leaves the room to get down to digging; oh snap! That really ticks her off folks and she loudly tells me to "GET DOWN NOW!" Anyway, none of that because my skin is relieved and refreshed. Well life is even better now- peace out folks!

Monday, October 12, 2009

To Each His Own

Hi Folks!

Sometimes I don't think that she really understands me as a dog at all, I mean some of the things that I do when I'm outside, you know? Yes, to her it's gross but to me it's just being a dog y'all. Besides sniffing at every corner and every inch of our backyard, I sometimes catch a scent and lick the ground or leaves and that really freaks her out. Hey and sometimes she gets so mad and yells for me to come in; and you know me folks, hey all dogs are good at reading body language so what do I do? I stand at the steps and look at her intently, then I come up slowly and finally creep inside. Yeah, still knowing that she is still mad at me, so folks we dogs have an excellent sense of smell and because I focus on a particular scent that I like, and take in a deeper sniff and lick she doesn't understand it. Ya know so what! I don't have any idea that I could possibly catch something and get sick, and although as a pup I loved to eat sticks and got roundworms not once but three times, so I am supposed to be aware of that? I AM A DOG FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE! Not just your everyday normal dog, but an exceptional intelligent one, after all I am a blogger right? Life is still good, Peace out!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Help! I Got Fleabite Dermititis

Oh Folks!

I need some serious help please! I am so allergic to flea bites and just can't stop itching; and she doesn't know what to do. And if that wasn't bad enough, those pesky mosquitoes are still alive and kicking and biting the heck out of me. Oh snap! I am just one big itch ball and I just can't seem to stop. She has tried baby powder, and ummmm, maalox to dry them out; I think that is what they used in the hospital to help heal bed sores, but folks I don't have any bed sores. I must admit though that it did take a little edge of the itching. Does anyone have any home remedy suggestions? She has also been using a doggie anti-itch spray and that has helped some but I still have some red spots. But don't think for one minute that I stopped my antics, I am still up to mischief and she is ready to keep me off of our bed sometimes. Yes, even though I am kind of itchy and she claims that this is the worst year for me and those fleas and mosquitoes; I am still a hearty eater and still loving my milk bones. But I am just one itchy mess folks! She just bought another doggie anti-itch cortisone spray, here's hoping that this will give me some relief. I will of course keep my fans up to date. Peace out y'all!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Getting used to Pedipaws

Hi ya folks!

Well, she started yesterday getting me used to my new paw nail treatments, yes it's Pedipaws! I admit that I am kind of timid naturally and so when she turned it on just to see my response, well I did not like it. Oh, she did not scare me with it but she first told me to jump on the bed and then took the thing out of the box and laid it on the bed so that I could give it a good sniff. When I did she praised me and gave me a reward, how cool is that folks? But then when she turned it on I did not want any part of it so I got off the bed; I' m sorry but I did not like that sound at all! She then got me back on the bed and just left the thing there for a second, then without turning it on she pretended that she was going to use it, I was cool as a cucumber folks and did nothing so she again praised me a gave me my reward. Now this is going to take some time because of the sound that it makes and I admit that I am really not looking forward to hearing it. But she means well and does want to make the task of my pedicure as simple as possible, I will keep you informed my friends as this is going to be very interesting on both of us; for me whether I get used to the sound of the motor and for her if she is going to be patient and persistent. Peace out!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Defending My Turf

Greetings Folks!

She let me out early this morning and lo and behold guess who greeting me near the fence, Coco! It's a good thing that she could not squeeze and get in my yard, otherwise I would have put the squeeze on her because I was not in the mood. Listen, I did not have my breakfast yet so I was a little edgy although we did exchange barks. She is a tiny dog and something else with her squeaky yips, but with my tail raised at attention and tufts of fur up, I was in no mood for playing; and anyway where has she been? You know how some people need their cup of Joe to get started in the morning? Well I need my kibble and milk bones in the morning, otherwise there's nothing worst that a hungry and irritated Lab. I am also greeted in the morning by those pesky squirrels running on the telephone wires, and then across from my yard a stray cat tried to ease into my domain. NO SIR! NO WAY JOSE'! No squirrels, no Coco and no cats in my yard, not today; and anyway this is my territory. And folks, just in case Coco didn't get it, I marked that corner. Peace out!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Scratch It!

Hello there folks!

Most people think as they watch their doggies scratch they are thinking fleas or allergies, but I'm not referring to my scratching to fleas or allergies. You see, I love to have someone scratch my behind, oh yeah! It feels real good and although on some occasions I do itch back there because of mosquito bites, but most of the time I love a good ol butt scratch!She loves scratching my mane and ears, but I just slowly turn around so that my behind is right in her face. Her dad doesn't mind it , he does it all of the time and I love that! Yep, what dog doesn't like stroking or rubbing, but when the time is right I just slowly spin around until my behind is right up there to scratch. Ahhhhhh, yes and that time is rapidly coming up. Peace out folks!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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Hi Folks!

Her name is Sticky the cat, the people from the SPCA named her that because some stupid jerk wrapped her in duct tape. And guess what? They caught the bum folks, they actually caught him. A 19 yr old male is now in custody for his hateful act! And folks he claims that he didn't have his head on straight, DIDN'T HAVE HIS HEAD ON STRAIGHT? NO EXCUSE FOLKS, NONE WHATSOEVER! Even some of his friends claimed that he was a nice person and could not have done such a thing, and boy were they really surprised when they found out that he did do such a cruel thing. Well, wake up! There are plenty of animal haters out here, they love and take pleasure in torturing animals; why would anyone want to harm any kind of animal? Well the good news is that this hater is now in jail and as for Sticky, she has been adopted folks, isn't that great news? Yes, this gray and white tabby has now been adopted and is well on her way to a happy and peaceful life. Yea! for Sticky. Well that's it, this case is closed and the cat has a brand new home and life. Peace out!

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Stare-down

Hola Folks!

My stare-down is different from my cute look, when I want to get on the bed I am very stubborn at times and she does not like it at all! So after I have my morning meal, I usually want to get right back up onto the bed and she is not having it. So when she tells me to lay down or go into the kennel, that is when I do my stare-down.Yeah I do it hoping that she will change her mind, but that never works at all. Finally she is very stern when she again tells me to GET INTO THE KENNEL! I do it but while in the down mode I still try the stare-down and I am very stubborn at this time. Well folks after she does not even look my way or say anything to me I finally give up and lay my head down in defeat.But hope is still alive! After a while she looks my way and when she calls me I am up like a flash and unto the bed. But this does not happen all of the time, I think that she is trying to get rid of my stubborn streak, but I don't think that's happening folks! I will keep at it like a dog chewing a rawhide. Peace out!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

An Unwanted Surprise

Hey Folks!

Well today I finally got a much needed bath. Whew! A sign of relief and Phew! I was kinda funky to say the least. Since it was nice and cool she gave me the bath in a bag,and it felt so good when she first combed and brushed me to get rid of that old hair; and it really felt so good to have her wipe me down with the tea tree oil shampoo. Now you guys now that my breed, the Chocolate Labrador loves the water; but folks, when she took that bucket of water and poured it all over me I can tell you that I did not care for that at all; and then she blurted out, "I thought you were supposed to love the water". Well not at that time I didn't!But that was not the unwanted surprise folks, after she wiped me dry, to my surprise she brought out her old hair dryer because I was not dry completely. It was set at warm and that was fine I guess, but when she turned it on folks, I thought that I was going to come out of my skin. I'm sorry but I'm not Quincy and so I was afraid of that noise; listen, that was my first time hearing that, I'm not used to that at all! Oh she did not get mad at all and took the time to towel dry me off, I appreciated that. So there were four things that I enjoyed today, 1- Her grooming me before the bath, 2- The nice sponging down, that really felt good, 3- The brief walk and finally 4- THE MILK BONE! Ahhh, life is good! Peace out y'all!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I am Heartbroken!


Take notice of my title again, I am both mad and heartbroken! Yesterday as we were watching TV, what we heard on the news was so terrible; it seems that some very cruel and sick and terrible person was abusive to a cat! Now I will admit again that I don't get along with cats, but listen, to abuse any kind of animal is unforgivable.
This poor cat was wrapped in duct tape and I am furious! She also was furious and could not bear to even listen to the details. UGGGGGGG! You know what? When people are abusive to animals, the abuse that they did to that poor animal should be done to them. Now how would this person feel if he was wrapped in duct tape all over and could not breathe? Huh, how would he like it? My Bev and I were both relieved to hear that the cat is recovering very nicely now, I do hope that this poor feline will be adopted as soon as possible. I am so sick over this folks because this should not be! Here in Philadelphia, PA they don't seem to be strict at all when it comes to animal abuse and we are both sick and tired of this!I couldn't count the number of times that she has called her local SPCA for animal abuse, it is so bad for her that she just can't stand to hear or watch the news when they have it on. This segment about the cat came on her so fast that she did not have time to turn off the TV, but I can understand how she feels and I know you yeepeters hate such stories as well. Well that's it for now and there is certainly no peace out either.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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Hey folks!

I just had to send a shout out to CatseyeEditing of, because of her suggestion she has bought "pedipaws" for me. Yea! That means no more cutting of my quick and you dogs and cats know just how much that hurts! I mean I am so very happy, I know that she means well and I am very good even though I don't like it one bit; but when the package came in the mail she was just as excited.We do have to take it slow however because I have to get used to the thing. She did read those instructions very carefully and has my reward treats ready, the only thing now is that she has to buy the C batteries because we ran out of them. But all in all, CatseyeEditing thanks so much for your suggestion. This will be so much better for me and for her as well.Hey, this is the first time that I gave kudos to anyone! And finally guess what? I am now getting three, that's THREE bones a day! How cool is that y'all! Peace out.

Monday, September 21, 2009

She's A Germ Magnet

Hi ya folks!

Well she's sick again, you remember me telling you guys that I am a mosquito magnet; well she is a germ magnet! She has yet another cold and last month it was a virus, will it ever end folks? And why is she sick all of the time anyway? Boy it's a good thing that dogs can't catch human colds, otherwise I doomed to be coughing and sneezing all over the place.Whew! Let me take a deep breath here, in and out, in and out. Okay now I have some great news, I have been a good boy while she has been down with this cold, and she hasn't been irritable at all, and so I did get that extra bone and that made three! Now let me think about this, why did she really give me this bone? Hummmm! Could it be? No! Maybe she just thought that I really deserved it because I was good, yes?Maybe folks I am just making a mountain out of a mole-hill, but anyway I did get my extra bone and she is feeling much better today and you know, life is good--peace out!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

10lbs of Pure Delight

Whoa Folks!

I got it! I got it! 10lbs of pure delight, MILK BONES! MILK BONES! Oh how I love milk bones! She came in from the market and when I came downstairs, the first thing that I got a whiff of was milk bones; then I ran into the kitchen and was already excited because it was my dinnertime, yea! But as I drew closer to the counter, WOW! This was the biggest box of milk bones ever and I was think that since she bought such a big box, that she would give me more than the usual two. Now as you remember from reading my other entry, I was practically begging for two; but I guess the hog in me has really come out. She does tease me, telling me that I look like one of those country hogs.Hey listen, there are certainly plenty of bones in that big box and I can certainly have an extra one don't you think? So here's to hoping folks, Peace out!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Cubbie the Mosquito Slayer


Okay, I really did not slay a mosquito, but you decide whether or not I get credit anyway. We were both out back today, she on one side using the weedwacker, and I really don't like it because it's way too loud; but Midnight was out so I tried to ignore the sound.Anyway, when we both got back in three mosquitoes piggybacked their way inside; I think on me but then again she was bitten several times and so who knows. So while she was cleaning off the wacker, she noticed at least one, oops! not true! I noticed first and then she guessed that I brought them in; and listen, I am the one seeing them first so sorry for rambling on.I try to catch them, you know mouthing them; don't have a bird man because they are too fast for me and never see the inside of my mouth. That is when she does the killing, so I am claiming that I am the slayer here okay? Besides all of that, you already know that I am a mosquito magnet, right?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm Here Now

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Take a good look at those pics of all the dogs before me, not a bad looking bunch. She first had Patches, the black and white looks a bit stressed, then Sheba the beautiful brown and black to the left with those lovely ears; Spanky is in the center. And to think that all three lived under the same roof! OMG! i don't think that I could deal with that, no way dude! Now Quinn lived there by himself and from what I understand, he did not, would not tolerate having other dogs in his home. And that is exactly how I feel, I'm here and loving every bit of it; love my Bev most of all though. Hey I suppose that if Quinn and I were here together, we might clash a bit at first for her affections; but hey, knowing my Bev she would make room on her bed for both of us. Sure would have been crowded but love rules! Peace out.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Home Alone-Again!

Hey Folks!

So here's how I relieve my boredom from missing her, are you impressed? Anyway here I am again, home alone; I guess it cannot be helped and that I should not act so spoiled. But hey, who spoiled me? And do you think that I expect her to take me everywhere? I bet that some of you do think that, but the fact is that I would love to be with her no matter where she goes.Oh lets get real, dogs are not allowed everywhere, but the last time that I was alone she came back and shared some fries with me; but not this time, just like before her dad had to go back into the hospital but it is not serious folks. This time though she could not feed me my dinner because I already had my morning meal and that is when she left.Instead though I had a later than usual dinner, but that's fine with me as long as she fed me herself. Oh, she did let me lick the yogurt cups. Ummm! I love yogurt, the only downfall is that even licking the cups gives me gas and you know what that means. Peace out folks!

Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm Passing My Test!

Hey Folks,

I am finally doing well in the waiting to eat department! I am so very proud of myself and she even gave me an extra milk bone just for being such a good boy. I am so excited and don't know what to think, but I am so glad that I am finally learning to wait patiently to eat my meals; and folks I know that she is pleased because she showers me with "GOOD BOY". I just cant believe that she is finally breathing a sigh of relief, but lets not count those chickens before they are hatched as the old saying goes! Well today I am cutting this short because I am kind of tired today, had my run with Midnight and I must say that I am full of food and fun for today, so until tomorrow folks! Peace out. Oops I forgot, please don't forget to vote for me as the cutest dog ever.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

You Ought to be in Pictures

Yo, yo, yo!

So what do you think, should I go for it and be on TV, movies or what? She is always going crazy over those doggie commercials like K9 Advantix, cottonelle and the latest one she goes gaa-gaa over is the Spdr commercial with that lovesick Jack Russell.I can be just as famous and as my title reads, "You ought to be in pictures". Now how can I best utilize my talents? What are my talents? Well for starters I am smart as a whip, I have a endless knowledge of vocabulary and great at reading body language; I am also good at following commands, okay I am a bit stubborn and moody but work with me.Oh, I am very handsome with my very muscular stocky body, light brown eyes; heck folks I am very irresistible. So I'm ready, how about if you compare pics for yourself and then you can tell me: "LIGHTS, CAMERAS, ACTION! Peace out folks!

Friday, September 11, 2009

A New Encounter

Hey folks!

She was letting me out last night and low and behold there were two other dogs new to me across from me, naturally I had to show them who's the dog and rushed right over. One's name was Coco a boy, and I was so excited after I got over myself as I wagged my tail like a whip, I wanted to then be nice and greet him properly. I don't think that she liked my encounter much because I was doing the ignoring bit again.But surprisingly she was a bit patient with me; I think the reason behind all of this is that Coco's girl is the one who is always allowing him and the other dog to do their business on our front sidewalk and THAT IS NOT RIGHT FOLKS -SO CURB YOUR DOGS PEOPLE! Folks that is down right nasty and I don't blame her one bit for feeling that way. When we walk she may allow me to mark my territory against a tree, but never pooping on other people's property and that's a no-no!Her mother has fussed and fussed at this girl, telling her to clean up after these dogs and she is just ridculous, and the next time I think that the family will be reported. Now I cannot tolerate that because I know what to do and what not to do, it's all in the upbringing. I like Coco and would like him to be my new friend but he needs to learn manners first. uggg!! Peace out!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Her First Love


There, I've said it! Oh she has had other dogs but I think that Quincy was very special to her. His full name was Huntington "Quincy" Bryan Duke, ooooh very classy name and he really looks classy too. But I think it's all that they went through together those 13 years. Wow! I do hope that I live 13 plus years with her; but I do understand it when she often glances at his pictures, it's okay with me.
But she glances and sometimes looks so sad, she even has four pictures on her desk, make that five. I know it's hard to lose someone you love, I know now. But I must say that the old boy is a fine looking chap of a dog, tall and slender with long flowing red hair; oh it's funny because I am just the opposite, short and stocky with short brown hair. HA! HA!Wow! Quinn was a ladies kind of dog and very pampered and me, the Duke, a man's dog and I like playing rough too! Yep, we are two different dogs Quinn and I, but she loves me just the same. Oh well, I don't mind it at all because I know how it feels to miss and long for someone you love; that's why we are so good together. Peace out folks!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Pet Peeve

Hi ya folks!

Well believe it or not, I do have a pet peeve and I know that some of you will understand, or not; but perhaps you will be sensitive to my feelings or you will think that I am selfish. When me and my Bev are comfortable hanging out in our room, I could be laying in my den or kennel and she on the computer or watching some TV; then someone calls up to her from downstairs and before she even moves to go downstairs, I have already bark out my displeasure not wanting her to go. Am I being selfish? I do admit that I want her all to myself and I am a bit jealous, but we have really bonded and she is such a good caretaker and so I am practically glued to her forever. Hey, sometimes I think of her of actually being the alpha dog ya know? And yes I will also admit that I would like to keep it that way. Oh well, it is what it is! By the way, I failed again at dinnertime and so no milk bone. Peace out!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Her Verdict

Oh well!

Well folks she has laid down the law, but first let me explain how it used to be. In the morning before breakfast she would give me my milk bone, then I would wait while she prepared my meal. Now today she tested me, if I ran to my meal and or growled I would not get my bone. Well I passed breakfast and got my bone, but that was then and this is now; for dinner I failed hands down and she did not give it to me. I guess I was just not in the mood or whatever. I would also get another milk bone in the afternoon and of course, I did not get it; you can't blame a dog for trying. I have to try harder folks, why am I so greedy? I certainly get enough food to eat, that's for sure! How could I act so uncivilized y'all? Does anyone have any suggestions? She has certainly tried, I do know that she read in a Labrador Retriever magazine that Labs were very impatient and I guess that I am. Oh well, we will see. Peace out!

Monday, September 7, 2009

In The Dog House

Oh Snap!

Folks I did it again, I reverted back to my old puppy self; I growled when she put down my food. Usually at feeding time it is just the two of us, but her mother was also in the kitchen preparing dinner. And so I was just a bit anxious reverting back to my old self, kind of like a Dr. Doggie Jekyll and Mr. Doggie Hyde. As a pup I was a big bully, I did not want to share the food that was meant for all the pups; hey I guess that I was just greedy. Anyway as soon as the bowl touched the floor I pounced at it, and while inhaling and growling she put something in between us and took up my food and put me outside. Now folks she was really hot with me because she thought that I had learned my lesson, and so did I; can I help it if her mother was also in the room? Boy I sure did act like I had no training at all, and I don't know what she will do tomorrow, yikes! But in the meantime I am in the dog house. Oh Snap! No peace out y'all.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Enjoying My Solitude

Hey ya!

She left at around 9:30 am, and yes I was very comfortable. I had the bed all to myself, I just love my human bed because it is so much more comfortable than a plain old doggie bed. Had the TV on and was looking out for some doggie commercials and had my water so life is still good.
Hey the only thing that I did not like is that there were too many block parties going on, one in the back and a few in the front, it was just too much noise. Changing the subject a bit, I bet you guys did not know that I am still not trusted to have the run of the house; yep, all of their other dogs learned well but I still like to get into things around the house.When will I finally learn? Oh I don't know, all I know is that I just love poking my nose around this and that, looking out the front window and working my way into the dining room, there is so much to get into around there. But all in all I am very satisfied hanging around my room, and besides, when they all come home I am back working my way through the house. Peace out y'all!

Friday, September 4, 2009

So Embarrassing

Folks there is nothing more irritating that being embarrassed by your loved one. Everyone passes gas, people, dogs and cats and it is so embarrassing when she has to broadcast what I have done. When I was younger and passed gas, do you know what she said? She asked, "did you fart?" "Go to your kennel". Now folks when you hear this again and again, naturally you get used to hearing it and respond automatically.Now not only does she still say this, but she leaves out the go to your kennel part because I automatically just jump off of the bed and go; and what makes this even more irritating is when she gets amused and tells her nieces to watch Cubbie, then she says it again! And yes, I am used to the word "fart". So who does she think I am anyway? I am a D.O.G being, ME period! So when I hear the word, F.A.R.T, how do I respond? By going into the K.E.N.N.E.L!!That is so EMBARRASSING FOLKS, JUST EMBARRASSING! But you know what? I would not have it any other way, I am so glad to be with her, now I just have to figure out a way to train her to S.T.O.P AND LET IT GO! Peace out.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

You are too impatient!

Am I really? That is what she tells me all of the time; I guess that I don't want to wait for anything. Whether going outside, I burst right in front of her and don't you think that I get away with it either. Then, "feeding time!" Breakfast and dinner, it does not matter because as soon as she puts down my bowl, Dash-in-a-flash!Now I had no choice but to have learned my lesson because I used to growl after she put down my bowl, but she immediately took it up and waited for 30 minutes, then she put it back down again. Now this went on for two days and believe me when I tell you that I learned my lesson, and gained some doggie common sense. According to my former girl, she was told by the breeder that I was a bully; and I was always hogging the food so that my litter mates could not eat, okay so I thought that it was all "mine". Well needless to say, Bev has nipped this in the bud and I will admit that I am still a bit impatient with some things and I don't know what else my Bev has up her sleeve, but time will tell. Peace out folks!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Did I pass the test?

Ohhh folks,
I love playing find the bone, but I want your opinion after you read this. As you all very well know, we dogs have a keen nose and we can practically sniff out anything. I watched her as she got a milk bone from the box, she then hid it in an old Quaker Oats oatmeal container with the lid on; then she barked, "get it!" I look and look all over for my bone and I cannot sniff it out, after five minutes she then put a hole in the lid with a knife and again barked, "get it!"Now folks, is this fair for her to do, to keep the lid on the container and expect me to sniff it out? I have an excellent sense of smell, I am retriever for heaven's sake! Then she picks up the container and shakes it hoping that I would guess that the bone was in there; she then proceeds to walk into the living room and put the container on the floor. And so now what? Then finally she takes off the lid and puts it on the floor, and I got it.Now I ask you, was that fair? She was testing me and she told me that she was so surprised that I could not sniff out the bone, people are you surprised as well, did I pass or fail her test? I hope that she tries this again and then I will sniff it out, but I must admit that I was a little disappointed in myself and she seemed to be too. I have got to move on and wait for the next time because I usually sniff out anything.I don't know what possessed her to do it that way, that is not the usual way that we do it! She usually lets me outside and then she gets the bone and places it some where in the living room; then I come in and she does not even have to say a word, I am off and sniffing, and with the quickness I might add. Well, I will wait until the next time and then she will be so shocked. Until next time, peace out!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bev's Doggie Bath in a Bag

Hi folks,
I'm back, I have turned that sad into glad again; I am still missing my friend but I do know that she is not suffering anymore and neither is Quincy. When conditions outside are not favorable, or in the winter time, she had this bright idea to give me a simple bath. This bath in a bag was not her idea really because when she once took care of patients, that is what the hospital provided; she just made up her own so let her keep on thinking that this was her great idea. When I am especially smelly, you guys know that I love it outside and sometimes I smell like it, so is this my fault? So anyway, she gets this ziplock bag and pours some of the tea tree oil shampoo inside, then adding the water and mixing it all up she finally puts in the handiwipe; I am wiped down from head to tail and under my tail and then legs and paws, then she does the rinsing. I must tell you folks that this does not feel bad at all, as a matter of fact it feels just like a nice rubdown or massage. I love her and how she cares for me, she is the best ever! Now the question is, how long will I continue to have that nice tea tree aroma? It all depends, and I will leave that to your imagination. Peace out!

Monday, August 31, 2009

My Friend Lucky

Yes for today I am a sad Chocolate Lab because my friend Lucky has died, I just could not bring myself to make any kind of entry yesterday. While we were relaxing on our bed, she called her friend Karen to find out why she hadn't heard Lucky outside; and I was wondering myself because she would always bark when I came out back, she was so crazy about me, or at least that is what Karen told Bev. As they were talking and she asked about Lucky, I heard my Bev say that she was so very sorry, and that she knows just how she feels, and folks she really does. This December would be seven years since her Quincy has died and it was very painful for her, as a matter of fact she still misses him. My friend Lucky lived on the left side of me with the alley dividing us.I will really miss her and you have to excuse me folks because I cannot give the details of her death, it is just too painful. And so folks there you have it, the diary of a sad chocolate lab, hopefully I will feel like my old glad self tomorrow. Peace out.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Yeah, OMG!
Her father was taken to the hospital and she was gone for seven hours, and boy did I miss her. Before she goes anywhere she makes sure that I am comfortable, and she even put a big ice cube chunk in my water bowl so that I would have water as it melted. But I was so lonely without her, she even left the TV on in our room so that I could have some kind of company; okay yes, I do watch television sometimes. But finally, when I heard the door open and she called out " Cubbie-Cubbie" and ran upstairs, I was so excited that my tail was wagging like a heavy whip; and my back legs did this shuffle from side to side so that it looks like I switch my rear. This is something that she really loves to see because she then laughs and shouts out, "look at that behind". I do that when I am really excited and I guess I will also do that when her dad comes back home. Hey guess what? She usually does not eat late at night, but when we came back upstairs she had a cheeseburger and fries; and she did share a few fries with me. Oh I know, but she usually does not eat like this at all and neither do I. It was a bonding moment between a girl and her dog. This will probably never happen again, the eating of junk food late at night; I am a milk bone lover but will always be under foot waiting. Peace out.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Eyes on the Mark

My eyes are always fixed on her, and she always asks me why I'm staring at her. Hey I bet she would freak out and run out the room if I actually answered her. But anyway, I just love her and I already know that she loves me because she takes such good care of me.I don't want her to be out of my sight, I follow her everywhere and I mean everywhere; oh yeah, except the bathroom because she will not allow it, but if she did you better believe that I would be there as well. Even while lying down and half asleep, I have one eye open just to make sure that she is not going anywhere without me.Oh come on, I just can't help it! We are bonded together her and I and after all, I am her four-legged companion right? When she is going out I do know that she will come back to me, I just don't know when; but I guess that I am a bit possessive y'all. Hey, I'm sure that I am not alone because we are all well cared for and really love our folks, and I know that you just love being around the one you love, am I wrong yeepetters?But there are times when you want to just be by yourself, and that goes for me as well, and yes for me it is staying in my den; but she is never far behind and that's a fact! Peace out!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stinky Feet

Friends, Canines, Humans, lend me your ears!

Okay now that I have your attention, she tells me that I have stinky feet; well first of all I have paws and second, I will admit that my paws are stinky and so what! What does she expect? I am always running around outside and although our lawn is all grass, we do have some dirt spots. Now don't get me wrong, she does a very good job and always, and I mean always wiping off my paws after I get inside. Listen, sometimes I do make a mistake and walk in my pee after I lift my leg and she just gets so irritated about that,"omg" she screams. But I am so amused about that because she also told me that my paws smell a bit musty. She uses a spray bottle filled with water and some of my tea tree oil shampoo and goes crazy; I mean she is obsessed about this! I used to growl because I did not want her to do this, but she does have the upper hand if you know what I mean. She is definitely the alpha, and just in case there are a few that don't understand get this, she does not hit! I have come to enjoy this routine of ours, she tried to get her mother to do the same when she was not home and I was not having that of course. Peace out folks!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dice, Midnight's Jealous Mate

Oh snap!

She lets me out because I hear my buds outside, and me and Midnight greet one another with barks, yelps and of course crazy/frantic running around our yards; and before you know it, "Dicey" is getting all jealous and pretending to be in the "love" mood. Oh please, I can see right through that. And Midnight, well she's not falling for it either, and when he keeps trying she gets all rough on him. Now in the meantime, my Bev who by the way is still not feeling well, gets tired of waiting for me and ignoring her calls. Well she comes out and gets my attention by throwing something in the yard and then she barks, "GET UP HERE DUKE!" So I merrily run up and go inside, life is still good. Peace out.

Monday, August 24, 2009

She Loves All of Me

Hi Folks!
She is always telling me that she loves my happy smile, and I just love showing my teeth and if I say so myself, they are nice and white. Ya know why? Not only does she brush them weekly, but eating those large milk bones does the trick as well. Front, back and sides are completely white because she cares enough to brush my teeth and gives me my all time fav treat, "Milk Bones". And by the way, she just loves everything about me; my floppy ears and the way they are turned up a bit at the tips, she loves my big block head as she calls it, my head is so big it looks like a pit bull. And what about my brown almond shaped eyes, she adores them and especially when I just wake up, they are kind of slant. Now people, moving on the my body and legs, short and stubby she calls me because I take after my short father-oh well! my back legs are bowed and I think they are rather attractive and she calls me bowlegged. And finally my beautiful otter tail, that is what it is called because it is like a rudder and she calls it an antenna. Chocolate drop or Hershey's kiss it's all the same, and so my friends what about you- wouldn't you love to have a 95lb Hershey's kiss? YUM-MY! Peace out folks.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's Too Wet!


It is so wet, mushy, humid and swampy here in my yard; and already a mosquito rode piggy back and has landed inside. Any time I don't want to stay out you know that the conditions are not favorable for me. Oh not wadding in the pool, no sir, as you very well know that my breed just loves the water; but the difference is wet soggy grass with some dirt patches, and so I have learned my lesson as a pup not to rock and roll all over our lawn. Yesterday it was raining so hard when she let me out to do my business, I quickly did it and ran back up on the porch. I really surprise her sometimes when I do that; and also very rarely, and I do stress rarely she has to force me to go down. That blasted gate is what she uses to keep me down there until my business is done. And then when the conditions are favorable and she lets me out for the night, I like to just stand there and take it all in and she gets really ticked off! With her stern voice she calls me and tells me that she is going to buy a doghouse for me so that I can stay out as long as I want. Oh she is just too funny and I am tickled pink. She does love it however when I get completely soaked and my lighter brown undercoat shows, she just loves it and so something good does come out of me getting soaked. Peace out!

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Sprinkle a Day Helps Keep...


She is sprinkling me everyday with baby powder, well just my tail; you see folks I was bitten by those mosquitoes again and I have two bites on my tail. I don't know where she gets these home remedies but this is not working for me. I am very itchy from these bites and I guess my digging kind of drives her crazy. Oh don't get me wrong, she has tried doggie bug spray but these buggers just love me, guess they are drawn to my chocolate coat because they really flock around me. So anyway, she uses this baby powder thinking that it will dry out the bites. I am a nice chocolate brown only, not brown and white and I wish that she would try something else. Does anyone have any ideas? And changing the subject a bit, please remember to cast your vote for me as the cutest dog and please vote everyday. Thanks and peace out!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Talk to Me Baby

Goo- Gaa-Gaa,

Oh folks, I just love it when she talks that baby talk to me. My eyes are fixed on her with ears back and folded, what dog doesn't love that high pitch expression of love from their loved ones. Hearing her talk baby talk to me feels just as good as though she were stroking my mane, or rubbing my belly and my fav spot, behind my ears. Yep, this is the ultimate high for us canines, or at least for me; hey I am 5 yrs old and certainly not a baby or pup but I just love to hear her talk to me that way. And by the way, she is the only one and I just love that. Peace out babycakes!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Missing My Buds

Hey y'all,

I guess that it is too hot outside because I haven't seen my buds, Midnight and Dice out all day today. I have to tell you what happened to me yesterday, it was scorching hot and I was so excited to see my friends that I went running around the yard non-stop. She was mad because she kept on calling me, but I acted like I did not hear her at all. Hey I was excited, Midnight was excited so we just started running and panting, not caring one bit how hot it was. Oh for heaven's sake people, a dog just gotta be a dog; I know that she did not want me to get overheated, but was I thinking about that? Oh yes, I was overheated and panting like crazy, I'm sorry Bev! Sob, Sob, Sob- SIKE!! Like I just said, a dog just gotta be a dog! Midnight and Dice I will look for you tomorrow. Peace out!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lazy Hazy Days

Ho Hum!

Well that is how I am feeling today, it's hot and I feel kind of lazy today. She went back to the doctors today because she is still having some problems. I found out that there is a link between having heartburn and asthma, heartburn is the main problem for my Bev's symptoms. Looks like though she is well on her way to better health, with the right medication and she will be like her old self once again. Today while she was out, I stayed downstairs with her Dad; hey I bet you guys did not know that I still get into much mischief, she doesn't trust me to be by myself downstairs yet. And rightly so, there is so much for me to get into; like the blinds and curtains because I love looking out of the window and especially looking out for my other enemy, the mailman. Ahhh lets see, I do love to lay behind the couch and yes, I have tried to get behind the TV even though that is a no-no. Oh folks I could explore everywhere, so I guess I am still a pup at heart; funny though, the other dogs never had a problem and just laid downstairs without any problem. So what is it about me, a chocolate lab? I have no idea! Peace out folks!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Invasion- pt2

Hi ya folks!

Well the invasion of the cat/kittens is over, they have flew the coop; well one has been killed by a car and I am sorry about that. I did not wish any harm to come to them even though they are the enemy. But the mother has taken her one kitten down the street somewhere. You know, I would never have hurt them; oh perhaps I would show my teeth and growl, or maybe raise up my fur so that I would appear larger than life to them. So I am really sorry about that; I overheard my Bev and her Mother and so that is what happened. But let me tell you this, Pinetree Cubbieduke is still on the watch for another invasion, because you never know. I mean after all, I am the protector of the house, am I not? Please folks don't forget to cast your vote everyday for me at: Thanks folks, peace out!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vote For Me!

Hi friends!

Before I start about voting, let me tell you that I did get that extra milk bone yesterday. Now, she has entered me in the Cutest Dog Competition and I am asking if you would please vote for me. I am a nice stocky hershey's kiss color Chocolate Lab and pretty darn cute if I must say so myself. Please vote everyday, here is the link:

Just take a good long look at my pic and you will see that I am cute, she has told me that so many times, now here are her words; "You are so taa-ute". Oh I just love that baby talk. Okay now folks don't forget, vote often for Pinetree Cubbieduke for the cutest dog and I thank you very much. Peace out!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hypnotic Eyes Don't Work


That's right, hypnotic eyes don't work. I tried to give her that cutey dog look, my ears were back and folded because she really loves that; and my brown eyes were fixed on her with my tongue hanging out. IT DID NOT WORK PEOPLE! While she was fixing her father's meal, I set my eyes on the top of the fridge where she keeps my milk bones; oh she looked right up there too, but when she looked down on me do you know what she said? Oh you already had your share for today and went on fixing the meal. But I kept at it and do you know what she gave me for looking so cute? A COUPLE PIECES OF LETTUCE! Oh don't get me wrong folks, I love lettuce, but that does not keep my pearly whites-white! Good ol milk bones, I have two everyday, I must admit though I am greedy because I just love my bones. Perhaps she will change her mind later and give me just one more. So to my canine friends, if you think that you can look dreamy or cute at your loved one, think again becaussssssse-HYPNOTIC EYES DON'T WORK! But I will not give up y'all. Peace out!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Invasion Of The Cats


Those creatures are still hanging around and I don't like it at all! I don't know why they just don't let me handle the problem, I could chase them away so that they would never come back; or perhaps I could have a stake out and then, SURPRISE! But no, they want me to stay away from them, and they are strays and you don't know what kinds of germs they have. Oh well, I will wait patiently and see what they will do. Making it short today folks! Peace out.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's My Pre-rog-ative

Yeah that's right!

Hey it is my pre-rog-ative, I was not in the mood to make any entries in my diary and so I took a break. My Bev always tells me that I am too moody, well I guess I am. And besides all of that, she wasn't feeling well and not in the mood either, so I guess we are two peas in a pod and the old saying goes. Well folks we have been invaded by the enemy out front, CATS!!! KITTENS!!! Our next door neighbor is feeding them and they just will not go away. I just can't stand cats and kittens, and she doesn't care too much for them either; I think part of the reason is that she is allergic and with her Asthma bothering her right now she doesn't need those pests around her, ya know? So she is trying to find a way to discourage them from coming over my house, yes they have come over like I mentioned before, an invasion! So we will have to see just how Bev and her mother repel them. Now if they would only ask me, I would just tell them to let me at them; that would solve the problem because I don't like cats!! Until tomorrow folks. Peace out!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Cool Cubbie

Hi ya folks!

I am so cool today, it is so hot that I just didn't feel like doing anything; except eating and sleeping and getting into mischief. She had an appointment today to see her doc because of her bad asthma attack on Sat. She still has to take in plenty of fluids and make sure that she continues her inhalation treatments, but she seems fine to me. Missed my buds Midnight and Dice today, guess it was too hot for them as well; I did glance over at Miracle and she was chilling in the cool dirt. Now that is what I really wanted to do except you know who would have a fit! But seeing Miracle laying in that dirt reminded me when I was a pup, and how after it rained I loved to swim in the wet grass. Talk about some pup in trouble, that was me! I remember her calling out to me, CUBBIEDUKE! CUBBIEDUKE COME HERE, STOP THAT! Now folks you know, I was just getting used to her and so I did not listen, after all I was just a puppy. And she was so mad, mad because I was covered in mud and her father was so tickled; I looked up at her and she was not smiling at all! Oh folks that was hilarious! I have learned my lesson though and do not go swimming in the grass. LOL!! Peace out!

Sunday, August 9, 2009



Boy what an unexpected occurance for me, she was very sick with Asthma and had to go to the ER. I was so afraid that she would not come back to me because I did not want her to be admitted. But before she left, she made sure that I was taken care of; I had my dinner and went outside for a bit and then up to our room to rest. I was so lonely without her, we are bonded together and so I really not only depend on her, but I just love being around her. But a few hours past and she was back. The first thing that she did was to come upstairs and greet me and then let me outside. It was so nice to just sit by her side as she ate her dinner. Today she is following her doctor's instructions of rest with plenty of fluids; so she did not go to church today. Oh how nice to have my girl back with me. Well, all is well now folks and until tomorrow. Peace out!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cool, finally


Hey it is finally a nice cool day out today, I am a bit disappointed though because I did not see Midnight and Dice out today. I am so glad that she and I can breathe a sign of relief, which by the way, she was not feeling well yesterday because it was so hot and humid and because of that her asthma was the main topic of the day. I don't think that dogs get asthma, lol! But I do know that we have allergies, I can testify to that one. But as for this brand new day, life is good. I spotted a young mockingbird out back, she has been singing for weeks now and it sound so sweet. On a negative note, out front a mother cat and her two kittens have taken up residence next door and I don't like it. Of course she went out to see, but I know that she is allergic and did not get too close. I heard her awwwwwww and so cute early this morning. I did not see them but I caught the whiff of those intruders. Peace out folks!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Hey folks!

It's my girl's birthday today, no I am not going to mention her age because she might find stumble onto my blog and when she reads it, well I am in trouble and even more so if her age is mentioned. So let me just wish her a very happy birthday. I gave her the best present, I was perfect today! Well that's all for now, I know this is a short diary entry but I am going to give her all of the computer time today. Peace out folks!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Lonely Sunday


If you live in the Philly area then you know that we had a banging loud thunderstorm yesterday. She was at church so I was upstairs by myself when all the booming started. The lady of the house was home and thought that I would do better downstairs, but it only made matters worst; I did not have my secure kennel to run into. So she finally led me back upstairs and into my den I ran to wait it out. Holy smokes! This has been the season for thunderboomers and this is really wearing me out. I am getting better, but I would have felt more secure if she had been here with me; but that's life y'all. Today is a nice calm thunder-free day and I am lovin it. Ran around with my buds Midnight and Dice for a bit but it was just a little too hot for me. I don't know what plans she has for me for the rest of the day, but I am game. Peace out!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'm in Trouble


I'm in big trouble, and I can be so moody and cocky at times. Well all was well, I gave her my cute look even holding my ball in my mouth; looked with dreamy eyes this morning so that I could get back on the bed. Oh she gave me the okay, but cocky me when she just wanted to stroke my muzzle; what did I do? I gave a growl and that was a no-no because she tossed me right off of my bed. Well canines, when you are in a nice comfy position with your loved one, please do not take that for granted. We have since made up but I will think the next time when that opportunity comes around again, and it will folks. It is almost time for my second meal of the day and I am waiting ever so patiently. Peace out!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Hotter Than Hot

Yo People,

That's what I'm talking about, it was so hot yesterday that I just had to take the day off from blogging. She kept my bowl full of ice and even today it is still hot. You guys I just don't do well in the heat. Today thought I met with two of my buds, Midnight and Dice and she was just talking all syrupy to him like, " Heeeeey ya Dicey" I mean come on! That was a no-no, you just don't do that in front of your own dog. But I was kind of distracted running around my yard and Midnight running around hers. I know what you are thinking, if it is so hot why then are you running around. Well my answer is, I am a dog for heaven's sake, a dog and if I want to run around like a bat out of hell in the heat then I am going to do it! Oh well what the heck, I am about to chill anyway. Until next time, peace out folks!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Yes, ahhhhh because I just had my dinner and I am full as a tick. Eating two meals a day can be very satisfying indeed and like I posted before, all dogs are different; some only need one meal and some two, and as Victoria Stillwell concluded, adult dogs should really be fed two meals a day. So I am now going to rest inside of my den and chill and watch her on the computer, lol! She still has no idea that her companion dog is a blogger, how funny is that? Peace out folks!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Tis The Season

Folks here we go again! Tis the season for thunderstorms and I don't like them at all; on the other hand, she just loves them and I don't know why. Well I did my usual thing, went into my kennel to wait it out, I did notice her glancing at me but I did not care at the time. I overheard her telling a friend that she once had a dog named Sheba and she was scared to death of thunderstorms, and that makes me feel a lot better. And also, I think that she was worst off than me because she would pace around the room and would not keep still; I am so proud of myself, I am learning how not to be afraid and how to cope. Today is a great day even though it is so hot outside, I am grinnin and chillin Peace out!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not Again!

Greetings folks,

Well after last night I did not think that the noise would ever stop, what you ask? Those blasted firecrackers and cherry bombs that's what! I thought that I was going to go crazy, and this time they were so close, out in the back close. I was all settled partially under the bed, okay it was just my head; I like sleeping like that because it was nice and cool because she had the air on. I remember when I was a pup and very timid, I would crawl under the bed every 4th of July because of all of the noise. So anyway, the cherry bombs and firecrackers were blasting away and I was scared to death and just freaked and went into my kennel to wait it out. MAN I AM SO SICK OF THAT! She did the right thing by not making a big deal out of it because that would have made it worst. I used to climb way up to the top of the bed and just shiver to death, and she would cuddle me and that was not the correct way to respond; that is why I am getting better. Well, so ends another entry in my diary. Peace out y'all.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hot and Hazy


It is too hot for words here in Philly, I don't know if some of you know this or not but a dog's temperature is 99.5-102.5 F so when I am hot, boy am I hot. Even though I eat two meals a day now (remember my pleading?), she makes sure that I have plenty of water to drink and when it is hot like it is today, she puts my own ice cube in my water. People, take good care of your canine and feline friends because we depend on you. I am now going to chill right under the fan and relax myself, so I am making this short but will be back on Monday with a vengence to blog my heart out. Peace out folks!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Hamming It Up

Hey Folks,

Yes the photo is a bit large, but I promise that it won't be on for long. I am so ticklish and I wanted her to stop. Notice how nice and chocolaty I am, and also notice my gray goatee. I am 5 years old going on 2 yrs, and I feel so young. Our computer problems are over and I am back online with my blogging. I had the bed all to myself today because she was gone all day; I just love my bed, I know what you are thinking and I am working on it. Since it has been a bit humid in Philly, I am staying on the floor because it is so cooling, but when I feel like it I am back on it. Well the heat is getting to me, on with the air conditioning. Peace out!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

When It Rains, It Pours

Oh Snap!

You would not believe what I have been going through these past weeks. First we have computer problems, then I could not post on my blog, holy smokes!! I am still trying to recover, and she is just as bad because she was literally freaking out because she could not figure out what was wrong with computer :) Well, I am cutting this short so until tomorrow folks. Peace out!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Until Further Notice

Hi Folks,

I'm afraid that we are still having some computer problems, and until they are fixed I will hold off on my posting. What a bummer!

Friday, July 17, 2009

It's too hot + correction

Holy Smokes!

It is too hot for me here in the city of brotherly love, I mean hot! I don't know about the rest of you Labs or canines for that matter, I just can't tolerate the heat and humidity. She is so right on by making sure that I have plenty of water with my own large ice cube. She also has a spray container that she is constantly misting me, now I just love that cool mist; and that's not all, she keeps the ceiling fan on with the air conditioner. Ahhhhhhhhhh, that's how I spell relief. Now on to my correction, sorry Chester my new found friend, my bad for putting you in Hershey PA. We are as sweet looking as a Hershey's kiss. My new friend Chester lives in the state of PA, hey dude, do you think I need glasses? Peace out!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Enemy has Landed

Hi ya folks!

Sorry that I was MIA yesterday, had computer problems and still having them actually. But like my title states, "The Enemy has Landed" That being fleas! They have been in their fav spot, my rear, and she has bites as well. And yes, I know what that means, BRING OUT THE ARTILLARY! Now changing the subject, I have a new friend, Chester from Hershey PA; and he is one handsome dog, I mean after all he is a Chocolate Lab and chocolate is the best. You can find his site at:

Check him out! Cutting it short for today, she needs to fix this computer problem.
Peace out!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All Quiet on the Eastern Front

Hi all,

Pretty quiet here right now, nothing much going on. I posted a comment on another Chocolate Lab's site. And like I told him, Chocolate Labs are the most handsome. I am posting early and making it quick because she has a 2hr online focus group at 4 and she needs to be on at 3:30. So far she does not have a clue, ya know what I mean? Peace out!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Finally, a fellow Chocolate lab

Hi folks!

First of all, have you checked out the puppy pic on my page? Hey now it's about time! It's a beautiful Chocolate Lab and his name is Moose. By the way folks, check out the handsome doggie above Moose's pic. Yeah that's right, It's yours truly-Cubbieduke, me!! Hey though, I'm sorry for my glowing eyes, oooooooooooooo scary huh? This will have to do, I do not see anymore pics on her computer and I guess we have to wait until she is able to buy a digital camera. But I do have a bit of good news, remember my later post about feeding? Well she was watching a show on Animal Planet, "It's you or the Dog" and Victoria Stillwell was telling a couple that adult dogs can be fed twice a day. HOORAY!!!!! She has made up her mind and now I will continue eating twice a day, again let me shout it out- HOORAY!!!! I am so excited, and can now rest. Until next time everyone, PEACE OUT!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Good Dog


I am so proud of myself, Bev accidently left two pieces of gum on the bed today before she went out to church and I did not touch them. So when she came home and noticed the gum still on the bed, she was so happy and just praised me up and down. "Good Dog", "I am so proud of you Duke"; and of course I was so happy that she was happy. I just had to tell someone, dogs just love to please their masters and she was extremely pleased. I guess she was surprised as well because I just eat and chew anything. Oh well, life is good! Peace out!

UPDATE: dyeapkqthc
that means that i was rewarded for my good behavior.

Saturday, July 11, 2009



Moo-licious? Oh man, you know how some dogs just love grass? And I do love to sometimes nibble on tall blades of it; but I am really referring to freshly cut grass clippings. I just can't help myself, I grab a mouthful and just chow down! And I do know that it drives her some kind of crazy because she always scolds me and tells me that I look like a cow chewing its cud. Lol!!!!! I'm sure that I am not the only dog with a taste for fresh cut clippings of grass, but I suppose that she is calling it the way she sees it. Anyway, after she cuts the lawn she tries to rake up all of the clippings, but I manage to find clumps of it and just eat till my fill. Oh yummy, yum-yum!! LOL! Peace out!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Mosquito Magnet- Pt. 2

I am ticked off! Sorry no pun intended.
I was wondering why my face is so itchy and she noticed as well, I was bitten not once but twice; and right beside my left eye. I told you that those buggers were just buzzing around me like bees around flowers. She now has to look for the cortisone ointment and carefully rub in a dab. You should see the look on her face, that is the first time that I was bitten on the face and I guess she now has to find something else to use to try to repel these things! Well, I am cutting this short because I am kind of distracted if you know what I mean. Peace out folks!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mosquito Magnet

From what she tells me, I am the only dog that attracts mosquitoes. For real, as soon as I leap off of the back porch they just buzz around me like bees around flowers. I wonder why they are drawn to my dark coat, these bad boys are black and sometimes piggyback a ride when I go back inside. And then it seems like they are looking for fresh blood, not on her but her mother; and she of course is fussing with her telling her to spray me with something. But she does, and I am cool with it, only it seems as though the buggers are immune to whatever she uses. And also I am checked out and given a clean bill of health by my vet. Nope, no heartworms never and I am so proud of that. Bev gets a bit irritated when I want to stay out to sniff around, she sees the buggers buzzing around me and she then calls me; of course I sometimes act like I do not hear her, but when I see her come out on the porch and give me that look; well I snap to and come in. I totally understand, but she needs to look from my POV, I don't care if they are buzzing around me and just want to enjoy outside and sniff to my hearts content. I love to be outside, well most of the time. I hope that all of you dog owners really get down and understand your four-legged companions. Oh, it's time for dinner now y'all. Peace out!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Say My Name

Hola Amigos,

Like my title? We of the purebred persuasion are given family names, but I bet you didn't know that humans are not the only ones with nicknames. Nicknames are given out of love and affection, I told you that I looked like a chocolate bear cub remember? Well Cubbie is not my only nickname affectionately given by Bev. Do you remember former President Clinton's dog Buddy? I was given that name too because I look just like him only cuter. It is unfortunate that poor Buddy met his demise and was hit by a car. Buddy was milk chocolate and I am cute dark cocoa puff. Here are a few others that she gave me, I love them all. Cocoa puff, chocoholic, Hershey's kiss, big bear; oh there are so many, too many to name. But what I want everyone to know is that I am loved, and not just by my Bev but the whole family. I am bonded to Bev however, she often tells me that I am heaven sent; I guess at a time when she lost her beloved Irish Setter, Quincy. She was really lonely in that she was so used to having dogs around her, she loved them. Okay, I am starting to get teary eyed; but I am so glad that I am here with her. She gives me so much love, and I give her love and companionship. Again I say, life is good. Until tomorrow amigos. Peace out!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Feeling Great!

Hey Everyone,

Really feeling great today, the sun is out and it is not too hot at all today. You know, she really needs to get a new chair; sitting at her desk really takes a toll on my rump. I have to sit just right or I will topple over, and I have seen her do just that. I wonder if it wouldn't be too much trouble to ask for your help in lighting some fire to her. She doesn't have a tail and so she does not understand that sitting is more pressure on the rump. Then again, if she really caught me sitting right her at her desk she would probably freak and then I would really topple over. I know that you guys are dying to see a nice pic of me, she is working on it. First of all she does not have a digital camera, instead it's an old one and the pics have not been developed yet. HEY TELL HER TO GET WITH THE PROGRAM!! But I promise that as soon as the pics are in, I will upload so you can see just how handsome I am. Picture this, a nice dark chocolate body with a milk chocolate head; sounds real fine doesn't it? Well I guess that I will get off and lay under the ceiling fan for a bit. Ahhhhhhh, life is good. Peace out!

Monday, July 6, 2009

One Meal or Two?


Before I begin, did you check out Cleo the German Shepherd on my page? She is only a pup but oh so cute. Now lets get down to business, I have a feeding problem. Don't get me wrong, I am so glad to be with my Bev cause she is the best. What can I say, I am living the life!!! Eat, sleep, play; I am well loved indeed. But I need some advise okay? I eat twice a day and believe you me, I am happy with that. I also get my share of Milk Bones, well not really my share- I get two a day, one in the morning with my meal and one in the afternook as a snack. I AM NOT COMPLAINING!! I could eat the whole box if she gave it to me. My problem is this, even though I am 5yrs old I feel like I should continue, or better yet I need two meals! But she wants to "again" try to wean me off and only feed me one meal. Listen, the last time she tried to do that, I was so ravenous! I thought that I was going to starve to death; and do you know what her reason for wanting to feed me only one meal?? All of her other dogs ate one meal, CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Are all dogs alike? I should say not, I am a stocky and handsome 95lb and thick and I got back as you folks say. And she wants to only give me one lame meal, and that being dinnertime. Why a dog could really starve, and she thinks that she has everything all worked out. Check this out, she wants to give me a couple of biscuits in the morning (thinking that 2 milk bones will hold me). CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? IS SHE CRAZY? Ugg!!!!!!!!! I would waste down to nothing and listen, I am not having it!! So people, my fans- what do you think? I mean am I right or not? She is really thinking hard about this so please tell her that she is making a big mistake. Please tell her that I will certainly starve!!!! In the meantime, I will do my part by continuing to look oh so cute. Oh just like a cute little brown bear cub, that is why she named me Cubbie. Until tomorrow, peace out!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

It was a long night!


The cherry bombs started early and well into the night. I was so scared that I stayed inside of my den; but it finally stopped and back onto the bed I jumped, and finally cuddled with Bev. Today is quite peaceful and so while the family went off to church, I caught up on some Z's. Soon my girl would be home. Yes, life is good! Until next time- peace out!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th, I think

Hey there,

Why the I think part? Well I am an Amish Country dog and it is so quiet there, so I am still trying to get used to the city sounds. I am starting to adjust to the firecrackers, I used to freak out! Now I go into my den and wait it out, just like when we have those loud thunderstorms. But it's the cherry bombs that really do me in, I am scared to death of that very loud BOOM! But, she is always with me and I don't go outside during that time so that's good. But I really don't like July 4th yet because it just takes some getting used to. So I'm taking one year at a time. Peace out!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Ya Gotta Have Friends

Hi All,

I'd like to tell everyone about my small group of friends that I have. Naturally three of them are girls. Let's see, two doors down to my left is Lucky, a Rottie-mix; she was adopted by my Bev's friend Karen. She barks all of the time when she sees me out back, I think that she loves me or at least that is what Karen thinks. Now two doors to my right is Dice and Midnight, I know for a fact that Midnight is love sick over me because as soon as I jump off of the porch she is barking and jumping and running around her yard. We do greet one another at the fence, and I tease her by also running around the yard and jumping around. But Dice is her partner and sometimes he is a bit jealous, but usually he just lays down under the steps chillin. I should say that Dice is a bit crazy over my Bev, you should see the way that he looks at her. Midnight is a beautiful black pit and Dice is a tall and handsome black and white pit. Next to them is Miracle, a cute Shepherd mix; I just love her floppy ears, we communicate once in a while but she has eyes for Dice. Yep, there's nothing like friends and Lord, when the sirens start blazing. Woo-hoo, Howl-oooo!
Peace out.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gotta Vent


Okay I know that my blog is supposed to be a diary of a glad chocolate lab, not a diary of a mad chocolate lab; but I just need to vent y'all. When we are watching the dog championships on Tv all is well, that is until she starts ooooing and ah-ing over what, an Irish Setter. Now yes I do know that she owned and loved a beautiful Irish Setter named Quincy before I came on the scene. But really, does she really have to make such a big fuss over a strange setter: I mean am I not right in the room with her? Doesn't she know that I have feelings? So what do I do? I get up and bark, whine and jump at the Tv. And so what does she say to me? Stop that! Shut up Dukie! For heaven sake already, and by the way she sometimes acts like she is totally clueless; and it took her a long time to really figure me out. If she is calm, them I am calm. Get it? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. If she ever reads this I am screwed, oh snap! Okay, I am feeling much better now that I have finally gotten that off of my mane. So look, I promise you guys my next entry will really be a diary of a glad chocolate lab, but even canines need to vent every now and then. Peace out until next time.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship

Hey Everybody,

My name is Cubbieduke, well my whole name is " Pinetree Cubbieduke". You know, it's all in the family. So I guess you are wondering why I titled this: " The Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship". I started out in Amish country, and no this one was not a puppy mill. I was a bad you know what, a bully and always stole food from my littermates. Well I am proof that anyone can change. My first relationship was with a girl and I was like a second child to them; unfortunately I don't think they had enough time for me. So I was given to a very responsible relative of this girl, her aunt. I did not know that I was going to be there to stay, she was puppy sitting me. I loved her and she loved me. And so finally it was set, my new home was with my new girl, Bev. I don't want this to be long and drawn out so instead I will just journal everyday what I am feeling and how I just love her and my new diggs. So peace out for now, for tomorrow a whole new day begins in the life of a glad chocolate lab.