Saturday, October 3, 2009

Defending My Turf

Greetings Folks!

She let me out early this morning and lo and behold guess who greeting me near the fence, Coco! It's a good thing that she could not squeeze and get in my yard, otherwise I would have put the squeeze on her because I was not in the mood. Listen, I did not have my breakfast yet so I was a little edgy although we did exchange barks. She is a tiny dog and something else with her squeaky yips, but with my tail raised at attention and tufts of fur up, I was in no mood for playing; and anyway where has she been? You know how some people need their cup of Joe to get started in the morning? Well I need my kibble and milk bones in the morning, otherwise there's nothing worst that a hungry and irritated Lab. I am also greeted in the morning by those pesky squirrels running on the telephone wires, and then across from my yard a stray cat tried to ease into my domain. NO SIR! NO WAY JOSE'! No squirrels, no Coco and no cats in my yard, not today; and anyway this is my territory. And folks, just in case Coco didn't get it, I marked that corner. Peace out!

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