Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Scratch It!

Hello there folks!

Most people think as they watch their doggies scratch they are thinking fleas or allergies, but I'm not referring to my scratching to fleas or allergies. You see, I love to have someone scratch my behind, oh yeah! It feels real good and although on some occasions I do itch back there because of mosquito bites, but most of the time I love a good ol butt scratch!She loves scratching my mane and ears, but I just slowly turn around so that my behind is right in her face. Her dad doesn't mind it , he does it all of the time and I love that! Yep, what dog doesn't like stroking or rubbing, but when the time is right I just slowly spin around until my behind is right up there to scratch. Ahhhhhh, yes and that time is rapidly coming up. Peace out folks!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cutest Dog Competition
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Hi Folks!

Her name is Sticky the cat, the people from the SPCA named her that because some stupid jerk wrapped her in duct tape. And guess what? They caught the bum folks, they actually caught him. A 19 yr old male is now in custody for his hateful act! And folks he claims that he didn't have his head on straight, DIDN'T HAVE HIS HEAD ON STRAIGHT? NO EXCUSE FOLKS, NONE WHATSOEVER! Even some of his friends claimed that he was a nice person and could not have done such a thing, and boy were they really surprised when they found out that he did do such a cruel thing. Well, wake up! There are plenty of animal haters out here, they love and take pleasure in torturing animals; why would anyone want to harm any kind of animal? Well the good news is that this hater is now in jail and as for Sticky, she has been adopted folks, isn't that great news? Yes, this gray and white tabby has now been adopted and is well on her way to a happy and peaceful life. Yea! for Sticky. Well that's it, this case is closed and the cat has a brand new home and life. Peace out!

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Stare-down

Hola Folks!

My stare-down is different from my cute look, when I want to get on the bed I am very stubborn at times and she does not like it at all! So after I have my morning meal, I usually want to get right back up onto the bed and she is not having it. So when she tells me to lay down or go into the kennel, that is when I do my stare-down.Yeah I do it hoping that she will change her mind, but that never works at all. Finally she is very stern when she again tells me to GET INTO THE KENNEL! I do it but while in the down mode I still try the stare-down and I am very stubborn at this time. Well folks after she does not even look my way or say anything to me I finally give up and lay my head down in defeat.But hope is still alive! After a while she looks my way and when she calls me I am up like a flash and unto the bed. But this does not happen all of the time, I think that she is trying to get rid of my stubborn streak, but I don't think that's happening folks! I will keep at it like a dog chewing a rawhide. Peace out!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

An Unwanted Surprise

Hey Folks!

Well today I finally got a much needed bath. Whew! A sign of relief and Phew! I was kinda funky to say the least. Since it was nice and cool she gave me the bath in a bag,and it felt so good when she first combed and brushed me to get rid of that old hair; and it really felt so good to have her wipe me down with the tea tree oil shampoo. Now you guys now that my breed, the Chocolate Labrador loves the water; but folks, when she took that bucket of water and poured it all over me I can tell you that I did not care for that at all; and then she blurted out, "I thought you were supposed to love the water". Well not at that time I didn't!But that was not the unwanted surprise folks, after she wiped me dry, to my surprise she brought out her old hair dryer because I was not dry completely. It was set at warm and that was fine I guess, but when she turned it on folks, I thought that I was going to come out of my skin. I'm sorry but I'm not Quincy and so I was afraid of that noise; listen, that was my first time hearing that, I'm not used to that at all! Oh she did not get mad at all and took the time to towel dry me off, I appreciated that. So there were four things that I enjoyed today, 1- Her grooming me before the bath, 2- The nice sponging down, that really felt good, 3- The brief walk and finally 4- THE MILK BONE! Ahhh, life is good! Peace out y'all!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I am Heartbroken!


Take notice of my title again, I am both mad and heartbroken! Yesterday as we were watching TV, what we heard on the news was so terrible; it seems that some very cruel and sick and terrible person was abusive to a cat! Now I will admit again that I don't get along with cats, but listen, to abuse any kind of animal is unforgivable.
This poor cat was wrapped in duct tape and I am furious! She also was furious and could not bear to even listen to the details. UGGGGGGG! You know what? When people are abusive to animals, the abuse that they did to that poor animal should be done to them. Now how would this person feel if he was wrapped in duct tape all over and could not breathe? Huh, how would he like it? My Bev and I were both relieved to hear that the cat is recovering very nicely now, I do hope that this poor feline will be adopted as soon as possible. I am so sick over this folks because this should not be! Here in Philadelphia, PA they don't seem to be strict at all when it comes to animal abuse and we are both sick and tired of this!I couldn't count the number of times that she has called her local SPCA for animal abuse, it is so bad for her that she just can't stand to hear or watch the news when they have it on. This segment about the cat came on her so fast that she did not have time to turn off the TV, but I can understand how she feels and I know you yeepeters hate such stories as well. Well that's it for now and there is certainly no peace out either.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cutest Dog Competition
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Hey folks!

I just had to send a shout out to CatseyeEditing of, because of her suggestion she has bought "pedipaws" for me. Yea! That means no more cutting of my quick and you dogs and cats know just how much that hurts! I mean I am so very happy, I know that she means well and I am very good even though I don't like it one bit; but when the package came in the mail she was just as excited.We do have to take it slow however because I have to get used to the thing. She did read those instructions very carefully and has my reward treats ready, the only thing now is that she has to buy the C batteries because we ran out of them. But all in all, CatseyeEditing thanks so much for your suggestion. This will be so much better for me and for her as well.Hey, this is the first time that I gave kudos to anyone! And finally guess what? I am now getting three, that's THREE bones a day! How cool is that y'all! Peace out.

Monday, September 21, 2009

She's A Germ Magnet

Hi ya folks!

Well she's sick again, you remember me telling you guys that I am a mosquito magnet; well she is a germ magnet! She has yet another cold and last month it was a virus, will it ever end folks? And why is she sick all of the time anyway? Boy it's a good thing that dogs can't catch human colds, otherwise I doomed to be coughing and sneezing all over the place.Whew! Let me take a deep breath here, in and out, in and out. Okay now I have some great news, I have been a good boy while she has been down with this cold, and she hasn't been irritable at all, and so I did get that extra bone and that made three! Now let me think about this, why did she really give me this bone? Hummmm! Could it be? No! Maybe she just thought that I really deserved it because I was good, yes?Maybe folks I am just making a mountain out of a mole-hill, but anyway I did get my extra bone and she is feeling much better today and you know, life is good--peace out!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

10lbs of Pure Delight

Whoa Folks!

I got it! I got it! 10lbs of pure delight, MILK BONES! MILK BONES! Oh how I love milk bones! She came in from the market and when I came downstairs, the first thing that I got a whiff of was milk bones; then I ran into the kitchen and was already excited because it was my dinnertime, yea! But as I drew closer to the counter, WOW! This was the biggest box of milk bones ever and I was think that since she bought such a big box, that she would give me more than the usual two. Now as you remember from reading my other entry, I was practically begging for two; but I guess the hog in me has really come out. She does tease me, telling me that I look like one of those country hogs.Hey listen, there are certainly plenty of bones in that big box and I can certainly have an extra one don't you think? So here's to hoping folks, Peace out!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Cubbie the Mosquito Slayer


Okay, I really did not slay a mosquito, but you decide whether or not I get credit anyway. We were both out back today, she on one side using the weedwacker, and I really don't like it because it's way too loud; but Midnight was out so I tried to ignore the sound.Anyway, when we both got back in three mosquitoes piggybacked their way inside; I think on me but then again she was bitten several times and so who knows. So while she was cleaning off the wacker, she noticed at least one, oops! not true! I noticed first and then she guessed that I brought them in; and listen, I am the one seeing them first so sorry for rambling on.I try to catch them, you know mouthing them; don't have a bird man because they are too fast for me and never see the inside of my mouth. That is when she does the killing, so I am claiming that I am the slayer here okay? Besides all of that, you already know that I am a mosquito magnet, right?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm Here Now

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Take a good look at those pics of all the dogs before me, not a bad looking bunch. She first had Patches, the black and white looks a bit stressed, then Sheba the beautiful brown and black to the left with those lovely ears; Spanky is in the center. And to think that all three lived under the same roof! OMG! i don't think that I could deal with that, no way dude! Now Quinn lived there by himself and from what I understand, he did not, would not tolerate having other dogs in his home. And that is exactly how I feel, I'm here and loving every bit of it; love my Bev most of all though. Hey I suppose that if Quinn and I were here together, we might clash a bit at first for her affections; but hey, knowing my Bev she would make room on her bed for both of us. Sure would have been crowded but love rules! Peace out.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Home Alone-Again!

Hey Folks!

So here's how I relieve my boredom from missing her, are you impressed? Anyway here I am again, home alone; I guess it cannot be helped and that I should not act so spoiled. But hey, who spoiled me? And do you think that I expect her to take me everywhere? I bet that some of you do think that, but the fact is that I would love to be with her no matter where she goes.Oh lets get real, dogs are not allowed everywhere, but the last time that I was alone she came back and shared some fries with me; but not this time, just like before her dad had to go back into the hospital but it is not serious folks. This time though she could not feed me my dinner because I already had my morning meal and that is when she left.Instead though I had a later than usual dinner, but that's fine with me as long as she fed me herself. Oh, she did let me lick the yogurt cups. Ummm! I love yogurt, the only downfall is that even licking the cups gives me gas and you know what that means. Peace out folks!

Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm Passing My Test!

Hey Folks,

I am finally doing well in the waiting to eat department! I am so very proud of myself and she even gave me an extra milk bone just for being such a good boy. I am so excited and don't know what to think, but I am so glad that I am finally learning to wait patiently to eat my meals; and folks I know that she is pleased because she showers me with "GOOD BOY". I just cant believe that she is finally breathing a sigh of relief, but lets not count those chickens before they are hatched as the old saying goes! Well today I am cutting this short because I am kind of tired today, had my run with Midnight and I must say that I am full of food and fun for today, so until tomorrow folks! Peace out. Oops I forgot, please don't forget to vote for me as the cutest dog ever.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

You Ought to be in Pictures

Yo, yo, yo!

So what do you think, should I go for it and be on TV, movies or what? She is always going crazy over those doggie commercials like K9 Advantix, cottonelle and the latest one she goes gaa-gaa over is the Spdr commercial with that lovesick Jack Russell.I can be just as famous and as my title reads, "You ought to be in pictures". Now how can I best utilize my talents? What are my talents? Well for starters I am smart as a whip, I have a endless knowledge of vocabulary and great at reading body language; I am also good at following commands, okay I am a bit stubborn and moody but work with me.Oh, I am very handsome with my very muscular stocky body, light brown eyes; heck folks I am very irresistible. So I'm ready, how about if you compare pics for yourself and then you can tell me: "LIGHTS, CAMERAS, ACTION! Peace out folks!

Friday, September 11, 2009

A New Encounter

Hey folks!

She was letting me out last night and low and behold there were two other dogs new to me across from me, naturally I had to show them who's the dog and rushed right over. One's name was Coco a boy, and I was so excited after I got over myself as I wagged my tail like a whip, I wanted to then be nice and greet him properly. I don't think that she liked my encounter much because I was doing the ignoring bit again.But surprisingly she was a bit patient with me; I think the reason behind all of this is that Coco's girl is the one who is always allowing him and the other dog to do their business on our front sidewalk and THAT IS NOT RIGHT FOLKS -SO CURB YOUR DOGS PEOPLE! Folks that is down right nasty and I don't blame her one bit for feeling that way. When we walk she may allow me to mark my territory against a tree, but never pooping on other people's property and that's a no-no!Her mother has fussed and fussed at this girl, telling her to clean up after these dogs and she is just ridculous, and the next time I think that the family will be reported. Now I cannot tolerate that because I know what to do and what not to do, it's all in the upbringing. I like Coco and would like him to be my new friend but he needs to learn manners first. uggg!! Peace out!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Her First Love


There, I've said it! Oh she has had other dogs but I think that Quincy was very special to her. His full name was Huntington "Quincy" Bryan Duke, ooooh very classy name and he really looks classy too. But I think it's all that they went through together those 13 years. Wow! I do hope that I live 13 plus years with her; but I do understand it when she often glances at his pictures, it's okay with me.
But she glances and sometimes looks so sad, she even has four pictures on her desk, make that five. I know it's hard to lose someone you love, I know now. But I must say that the old boy is a fine looking chap of a dog, tall and slender with long flowing red hair; oh it's funny because I am just the opposite, short and stocky with short brown hair. HA! HA!Wow! Quinn was a ladies kind of dog and very pampered and me, the Duke, a man's dog and I like playing rough too! Yep, we are two different dogs Quinn and I, but she loves me just the same. Oh well, I don't mind it at all because I know how it feels to miss and long for someone you love; that's why we are so good together. Peace out folks!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Pet Peeve

Hi ya folks!

Well believe it or not, I do have a pet peeve and I know that some of you will understand, or not; but perhaps you will be sensitive to my feelings or you will think that I am selfish. When me and my Bev are comfortable hanging out in our room, I could be laying in my den or kennel and she on the computer or watching some TV; then someone calls up to her from downstairs and before she even moves to go downstairs, I have already bark out my displeasure not wanting her to go. Am I being selfish? I do admit that I want her all to myself and I am a bit jealous, but we have really bonded and she is such a good caretaker and so I am practically glued to her forever. Hey, sometimes I think of her of actually being the alpha dog ya know? And yes I will also admit that I would like to keep it that way. Oh well, it is what it is! By the way, I failed again at dinnertime and so no milk bone. Peace out!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Her Verdict

Oh well!

Well folks she has laid down the law, but first let me explain how it used to be. In the morning before breakfast she would give me my milk bone, then I would wait while she prepared my meal. Now today she tested me, if I ran to my meal and or growled I would not get my bone. Well I passed breakfast and got my bone, but that was then and this is now; for dinner I failed hands down and she did not give it to me. I guess I was just not in the mood or whatever. I would also get another milk bone in the afternoon and of course, I did not get it; you can't blame a dog for trying. I have to try harder folks, why am I so greedy? I certainly get enough food to eat, that's for sure! How could I act so uncivilized y'all? Does anyone have any suggestions? She has certainly tried, I do know that she read in a Labrador Retriever magazine that Labs were very impatient and I guess that I am. Oh well, we will see. Peace out!

Monday, September 7, 2009

In The Dog House

Oh Snap!

Folks I did it again, I reverted back to my old puppy self; I growled when she put down my food. Usually at feeding time it is just the two of us, but her mother was also in the kitchen preparing dinner. And so I was just a bit anxious reverting back to my old self, kind of like a Dr. Doggie Jekyll and Mr. Doggie Hyde. As a pup I was a big bully, I did not want to share the food that was meant for all the pups; hey I guess that I was just greedy. Anyway as soon as the bowl touched the floor I pounced at it, and while inhaling and growling she put something in between us and took up my food and put me outside. Now folks she was really hot with me because she thought that I had learned my lesson, and so did I; can I help it if her mother was also in the room? Boy I sure did act like I had no training at all, and I don't know what she will do tomorrow, yikes! But in the meantime I am in the dog house. Oh Snap! No peace out y'all.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Enjoying My Solitude

Hey ya!

She left at around 9:30 am, and yes I was very comfortable. I had the bed all to myself, I just love my human bed because it is so much more comfortable than a plain old doggie bed. Had the TV on and was looking out for some doggie commercials and had my water so life is still good.
Hey the only thing that I did not like is that there were too many block parties going on, one in the back and a few in the front, it was just too much noise. Changing the subject a bit, I bet you guys did not know that I am still not trusted to have the run of the house; yep, all of their other dogs learned well but I still like to get into things around the house.When will I finally learn? Oh I don't know, all I know is that I just love poking my nose around this and that, looking out the front window and working my way into the dining room, there is so much to get into around there. But all in all I am very satisfied hanging around my room, and besides, when they all come home I am back working my way through the house. Peace out y'all!

Friday, September 4, 2009

So Embarrassing

Folks there is nothing more irritating that being embarrassed by your loved one. Everyone passes gas, people, dogs and cats and it is so embarrassing when she has to broadcast what I have done. When I was younger and passed gas, do you know what she said? She asked, "did you fart?" "Go to your kennel". Now folks when you hear this again and again, naturally you get used to hearing it and respond automatically.Now not only does she still say this, but she leaves out the go to your kennel part because I automatically just jump off of the bed and go; and what makes this even more irritating is when she gets amused and tells her nieces to watch Cubbie, then she says it again! And yes, I am used to the word "fart". So who does she think I am anyway? I am a D.O.G being, ME period! So when I hear the word, F.A.R.T, how do I respond? By going into the K.E.N.N.E.L!!That is so EMBARRASSING FOLKS, JUST EMBARRASSING! But you know what? I would not have it any other way, I am so glad to be with her, now I just have to figure out a way to train her to S.T.O.P AND LET IT GO! Peace out.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

You are too impatient!

Am I really? That is what she tells me all of the time; I guess that I don't want to wait for anything. Whether going outside, I burst right in front of her and don't you think that I get away with it either. Then, "feeding time!" Breakfast and dinner, it does not matter because as soon as she puts down my bowl, Dash-in-a-flash!Now I had no choice but to have learned my lesson because I used to growl after she put down my bowl, but she immediately took it up and waited for 30 minutes, then she put it back down again. Now this went on for two days and believe me when I tell you that I learned my lesson, and gained some doggie common sense. According to my former girl, she was told by the breeder that I was a bully; and I was always hogging the food so that my litter mates could not eat, okay so I thought that it was all "mine". Well needless to say, Bev has nipped this in the bud and I will admit that I am still a bit impatient with some things and I don't know what else my Bev has up her sleeve, but time will tell. Peace out folks!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Did I pass the test?

Ohhh folks,
I love playing find the bone, but I want your opinion after you read this. As you all very well know, we dogs have a keen nose and we can practically sniff out anything. I watched her as she got a milk bone from the box, she then hid it in an old Quaker Oats oatmeal container with the lid on; then she barked, "get it!" I look and look all over for my bone and I cannot sniff it out, after five minutes she then put a hole in the lid with a knife and again barked, "get it!"Now folks, is this fair for her to do, to keep the lid on the container and expect me to sniff it out? I have an excellent sense of smell, I am retriever for heaven's sake! Then she picks up the container and shakes it hoping that I would guess that the bone was in there; she then proceeds to walk into the living room and put the container on the floor. And so now what? Then finally she takes off the lid and puts it on the floor, and I got it.Now I ask you, was that fair? She was testing me and she told me that she was so surprised that I could not sniff out the bone, people are you surprised as well, did I pass or fail her test? I hope that she tries this again and then I will sniff it out, but I must admit that I was a little disappointed in myself and she seemed to be too. I have got to move on and wait for the next time because I usually sniff out anything.I don't know what possessed her to do it that way, that is not the usual way that we do it! She usually lets me outside and then she gets the bone and places it some where in the living room; then I come in and she does not even have to say a word, I am off and sniffing, and with the quickness I might add. Well, I will wait until the next time and then she will be so shocked. Until next time, peace out!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bev's Doggie Bath in a Bag

Hi folks,
I'm back, I have turned that sad into glad again; I am still missing my friend but I do know that she is not suffering anymore and neither is Quincy. When conditions outside are not favorable, or in the winter time, she had this bright idea to give me a simple bath. This bath in a bag was not her idea really because when she once took care of patients, that is what the hospital provided; she just made up her own so let her keep on thinking that this was her great idea. When I am especially smelly, you guys know that I love it outside and sometimes I smell like it, so is this my fault? So anyway, she gets this ziplock bag and pours some of the tea tree oil shampoo inside, then adding the water and mixing it all up she finally puts in the handiwipe; I am wiped down from head to tail and under my tail and then legs and paws, then she does the rinsing. I must tell you folks that this does not feel bad at all, as a matter of fact it feels just like a nice rubdown or massage. I love her and how she cares for me, she is the best ever! Now the question is, how long will I continue to have that nice tea tree aroma? It all depends, and I will leave that to your imagination. Peace out!