Friday, October 16, 2009

Space Invaders


My space has been invaded my a 1 yr old boy, yeah that's right! Her little nephew and his mother are invading my space, even though it is only temporary I can't roam around like I usually do; the boy is terrified of me, oh yeah- I know that I am so bad! He is not only terrified by my looks, but my louder than life bark. She is always telling me that my bark is worst than my bite. Well whatever, if I can appear to be big and bad and intimidating to the boy, oh well! I know that he cannot come into my main space and that is our room, she does have a mini-gate up so with the door opened I can still be intimidating. Guess what? The little fella doesn't even realize that I really like him, as a matter of fact I love kids period. Shhhhhh! mums the word folks cause I have to keep up with the norm of canines. Oh, the little fella just woke from his nap, peace out y'all.

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