Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Friends At Last!

Hola Folks!

I have some good news, remember my entry "Space Invaders"? Well her nephew and I are now friends, early this morning after my meal she put me in my kennel while she put out the trash; Her nephew, little fella as she likes to call him came downstairs into the kitchen to eat his breakfast. I did not bark and he did not scream or cry, so after she went out into the living room to hang up her coat, I just came out of my kennel-( she never latches the door), the little fella did not scream but said "ooooooooh" as I ran out. But the amazing thing was that when we came back into the kitchen, I ran up to the boy and gave him a kiss and he liked it! He was laughing and I was just a wagging my tail, boy I am so glad that we are now friends. Of course I will still show myself a bully at times by barking and I mean my deep bark; but all in all I just love it. Peace out folks!

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