Monday, October 5, 2009

Getting used to Pedipaws

Hi ya folks!

Well, she started yesterday getting me used to my new paw nail treatments, yes it's Pedipaws! I admit that I am kind of timid naturally and so when she turned it on just to see my response, well I did not like it. Oh, she did not scare me with it but she first told me to jump on the bed and then took the thing out of the box and laid it on the bed so that I could give it a good sniff. When I did she praised me and gave me a reward, how cool is that folks? But then when she turned it on I did not want any part of it so I got off the bed; I' m sorry but I did not like that sound at all! She then got me back on the bed and just left the thing there for a second, then without turning it on she pretended that she was going to use it, I was cool as a cucumber folks and did nothing so she again praised me a gave me my reward. Now this is going to take some time because of the sound that it makes and I admit that I am really not looking forward to hearing it. But she means well and does want to make the task of my pedicure as simple as possible, I will keep you informed my friends as this is going to be very interesting on both of us; for me whether I get used to the sound of the motor and for her if she is going to be patient and persistent. Peace out!

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