Monday, October 12, 2009

To Each His Own

Hi Folks!

Sometimes I don't think that she really understands me as a dog at all, I mean some of the things that I do when I'm outside, you know? Yes, to her it's gross but to me it's just being a dog y'all. Besides sniffing at every corner and every inch of our backyard, I sometimes catch a scent and lick the ground or leaves and that really freaks her out. Hey and sometimes she gets so mad and yells for me to come in; and you know me folks, hey all dogs are good at reading body language so what do I do? I stand at the steps and look at her intently, then I come up slowly and finally creep inside. Yeah, still knowing that she is still mad at me, so folks we dogs have an excellent sense of smell and because I focus on a particular scent that I like, and take in a deeper sniff and lick she doesn't understand it. Ya know so what! I don't have any idea that I could possibly catch something and get sick, and although as a pup I loved to eat sticks and got roundworms not once but three times, so I am supposed to be aware of that? I AM A DOG FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE! Not just your everyday normal dog, but an exceptional intelligent one, after all I am a blogger right? Life is still good, Peace out!

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