Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Scratch It!

Hello there folks!

Most people think as they watch their doggies scratch they are thinking fleas or allergies, but I'm not referring to my scratching to fleas or allergies. You see, I love to have someone scratch my behind, oh yeah! It feels real good and although on some occasions I do itch back there because of mosquito bites, but most of the time I love a good ol butt scratch!She loves scratching my mane and ears, but I just slowly turn around so that my behind is right in her face. Her dad doesn't mind it , he does it all of the time and I love that! Yep, what dog doesn't like stroking or rubbing, but when the time is right I just slowly spin around until my behind is right up there to scratch. Ahhhhhh, yes and that time is rapidly coming up. Peace out folks!

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