Monday, July 13, 2009

Finally, a fellow Chocolate lab

Hi folks!

First of all, have you checked out the puppy pic on my page? Hey now it's about time! It's a beautiful Chocolate Lab and his name is Moose. By the way folks, check out the handsome doggie above Moose's pic. Yeah that's right, It's yours truly-Cubbieduke, me!! Hey though, I'm sorry for my glowing eyes, oooooooooooooo scary huh? This will have to do, I do not see anymore pics on her computer and I guess we have to wait until she is able to buy a digital camera. But I do have a bit of good news, remember my later post about feeding? Well she was watching a show on Animal Planet, "It's you or the Dog" and Victoria Stillwell was telling a couple that adult dogs can be fed twice a day. HOORAY!!!!! She has made up her mind and now I will continue eating twice a day, again let me shout it out- HOORAY!!!! I am so excited, and can now rest. Until next time everyone, PEACE OUT!

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