Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Say My Name

Hola Amigos,

Like my title? We of the purebred persuasion are given family names, but I bet you didn't know that humans are not the only ones with nicknames. Nicknames are given out of love and affection, I told you that I looked like a chocolate bear cub remember? Well Cubbie is not my only nickname affectionately given by Bev. Do you remember former President Clinton's dog Buddy? I was given that name too because I look just like him only cuter. It is unfortunate that poor Buddy met his demise and was hit by a car. Buddy was milk chocolate and I am cute dark cocoa puff. Here are a few others that she gave me, I love them all. Cocoa puff, chocoholic, Hershey's kiss, big bear; oh there are so many, too many to name. But what I want everyone to know is that I am loved, and not just by my Bev but the whole family. I am bonded to Bev however, she often tells me that I am heaven sent; I guess at a time when she lost her beloved Irish Setter, Quincy. She was really lonely in that she was so used to having dogs around her, she loved them. Okay, I am starting to get teary eyed; but I am so glad that I am here with her. She gives me so much love, and I give her love and companionship. Again I say, life is good. Until tomorrow amigos. Peace out!

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