Friday, July 31, 2009

Hotter Than Hot

Yo People,

That's what I'm talking about, it was so hot yesterday that I just had to take the day off from blogging. She kept my bowl full of ice and even today it is still hot. You guys I just don't do well in the heat. Today thought I met with two of my buds, Midnight and Dice and she was just talking all syrupy to him like, " Heeeeey ya Dicey" I mean come on! That was a no-no, you just don't do that in front of your own dog. But I was kind of distracted running around my yard and Midnight running around hers. I know what you are thinking, if it is so hot why then are you running around. Well my answer is, I am a dog for heaven's sake, a dog and if I want to run around like a bat out of hell in the heat then I am going to do it! Oh well what the heck, I am about to chill anyway. Until next time, peace out folks!

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