Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not Again!

Greetings folks,

Well after last night I did not think that the noise would ever stop, what you ask? Those blasted firecrackers and cherry bombs that's what! I thought that I was going to go crazy, and this time they were so close, out in the back close. I was all settled partially under the bed, okay it was just my head; I like sleeping like that because it was nice and cool because she had the air on. I remember when I was a pup and very timid, I would crawl under the bed every 4th of July because of all of the noise. So anyway, the cherry bombs and firecrackers were blasting away and I was scared to death and just freaked and went into my kennel to wait it out. MAN I AM SO SICK OF THAT! She did the right thing by not making a big deal out of it because that would have made it worst. I used to climb way up to the top of the bed and just shiver to death, and she would cuddle me and that was not the correct way to respond; that is why I am getting better. Well, so ends another entry in my diary. Peace out y'all.

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