Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mosquito Magnet

From what she tells me, I am the only dog that attracts mosquitoes. For real, as soon as I leap off of the back porch they just buzz around me like bees around flowers. I wonder why they are drawn to my dark coat, these bad boys are black and sometimes piggyback a ride when I go back inside. And then it seems like they are looking for fresh blood, not on her but her mother; and she of course is fussing with her telling her to spray me with something. But she does, and I am cool with it, only it seems as though the buggers are immune to whatever she uses. And also I am checked out and given a clean bill of health by my vet. Nope, no heartworms never and I am so proud of that. Bev gets a bit irritated when I want to stay out to sniff around, she sees the buggers buzzing around me and she then calls me; of course I sometimes act like I do not hear her, but when I see her come out on the porch and give me that look; well I snap to and come in. I totally understand, but she needs to look from my POV, I don't care if they are buzzing around me and just want to enjoy outside and sniff to my hearts content. I love to be outside, well most of the time. I hope that all of you dog owners really get down and understand your four-legged companions. Oh, it's time for dinner now y'all. Peace out!

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