Sunday, July 12, 2009

Good Dog


I am so proud of myself, Bev accidently left two pieces of gum on the bed today before she went out to church and I did not touch them. So when she came home and noticed the gum still on the bed, she was so happy and just praised me up and down. "Good Dog", "I am so proud of you Duke"; and of course I was so happy that she was happy. I just had to tell someone, dogs just love to please their masters and she was extremely pleased. I guess she was surprised as well because I just eat and chew anything. Oh well, life is good! Peace out!

UPDATE: dyeapkqthc
that means that i was rewarded for my good behavior.


  1. You should be proud of yourself. Temptation is so difficult. Your desire to make Mommy happy is commendable! I betcha there may be a puppy treat in your near future!

  2. I know that's right! She gave me another bone plus one beggin strip, and just today gave me a pretzel square. Yep! resisting temptation sure pays off! Thanks for your comment. oops, here she comes.