Friday, July 3, 2009

Ya Gotta Have Friends

Hi All,

I'd like to tell everyone about my small group of friends that I have. Naturally three of them are girls. Let's see, two doors down to my left is Lucky, a Rottie-mix; she was adopted by my Bev's friend Karen. She barks all of the time when she sees me out back, I think that she loves me or at least that is what Karen thinks. Now two doors to my right is Dice and Midnight, I know for a fact that Midnight is love sick over me because as soon as I jump off of the porch she is barking and jumping and running around her yard. We do greet one another at the fence, and I tease her by also running around the yard and jumping around. But Dice is her partner and sometimes he is a bit jealous, but usually he just lays down under the steps chillin. I should say that Dice is a bit crazy over my Bev, you should see the way that he looks at her. Midnight is a beautiful black pit and Dice is a tall and handsome black and white pit. Next to them is Miracle, a cute Shepherd mix; I just love her floppy ears, we communicate once in a while but she has eyes for Dice. Yep, there's nothing like friends and Lord, when the sirens start blazing. Woo-hoo, Howl-oooo!
Peace out.

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