Monday, August 10, 2009

Cool Cubbie

Hi ya folks!

I am so cool today, it is so hot that I just didn't feel like doing anything; except eating and sleeping and getting into mischief. She had an appointment today to see her doc because of her bad asthma attack on Sat. She still has to take in plenty of fluids and make sure that she continues her inhalation treatments, but she seems fine to me. Missed my buds Midnight and Dice today, guess it was too hot for them as well; I did glance over at Miracle and she was chilling in the cool dirt. Now that is what I really wanted to do except you know who would have a fit! But seeing Miracle laying in that dirt reminded me when I was a pup, and how after it rained I loved to swim in the wet grass. Talk about some pup in trouble, that was me! I remember her calling out to me, CUBBIEDUKE! CUBBIEDUKE COME HERE, STOP THAT! Now folks you know, I was just getting used to her and so I did not listen, after all I was just a puppy. And she was so mad, mad because I was covered in mud and her father was so tickled; I looked up at her and she was not smiling at all! Oh folks that was hilarious! I have learned my lesson though and do not go swimming in the grass. LOL!! Peace out!

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