Saturday, August 29, 2009


Yeah, OMG!
Her father was taken to the hospital and she was gone for seven hours, and boy did I miss her. Before she goes anywhere she makes sure that I am comfortable, and she even put a big ice cube chunk in my water bowl so that I would have water as it melted. But I was so lonely without her, she even left the TV on in our room so that I could have some kind of company; okay yes, I do watch television sometimes. But finally, when I heard the door open and she called out " Cubbie-Cubbie" and ran upstairs, I was so excited that my tail was wagging like a heavy whip; and my back legs did this shuffle from side to side so that it looks like I switch my rear. This is something that she really loves to see because she then laughs and shouts out, "look at that behind". I do that when I am really excited and I guess I will also do that when her dad comes back home. Hey guess what? She usually does not eat late at night, but when we came back upstairs she had a cheeseburger and fries; and she did share a few fries with me. Oh I know, but she usually does not eat like this at all and neither do I. It was a bonding moment between a girl and her dog. This will probably never happen again, the eating of junk food late at night; I am a milk bone lover but will always be under foot waiting. Peace out.

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