Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Missing My Buds

Hey y'all,

I guess that it is too hot outside because I haven't seen my buds, Midnight and Dice out all day today. I have to tell you what happened to me yesterday, it was scorching hot and I was so excited to see my friends that I went running around the yard non-stop. She was mad because she kept on calling me, but I acted like I did not hear her at all. Hey I was excited, Midnight was excited so we just started running and panting, not caring one bit how hot it was. Oh for heaven's sake people, a dog just gotta be a dog; I know that she did not want me to get overheated, but was I thinking about that? Oh yes, I was overheated and panting like crazy, I'm sorry Bev! Sob, Sob, Sob- SIKE!! Like I just said, a dog just gotta be a dog! Midnight and Dice I will look for you tomorrow. Peace out!


  1. Bummer dude! I bet your buds were inside enjoying some AC today, my fur friend was doing that, although if given the choice, he would have been outside searching for sprinklers to run in.

  2. Hey listen, I am enjoying the AC right now but you know how it is when the doggie instincts kick in. Duke thanks for posting.