Monday, August 24, 2009

She Loves All of Me

Hi Folks!
She is always telling me that she loves my happy smile, and I just love showing my teeth and if I say so myself, they are nice and white. Ya know why? Not only does she brush them weekly, but eating those large milk bones does the trick as well. Front, back and sides are completely white because she cares enough to brush my teeth and gives me my all time fav treat, "Milk Bones". And by the way, she just loves everything about me; my floppy ears and the way they are turned up a bit at the tips, she loves my big block head as she calls it, my head is so big it looks like a pit bull. And what about my brown almond shaped eyes, she adores them and especially when I just wake up, they are kind of slant. Now people, moving on the my body and legs, short and stubby she calls me because I take after my short father-oh well! my back legs are bowed and I think they are rather attractive and she calls me bowlegged. And finally my beautiful otter tail, that is what it is called because it is like a rudder and she calls it an antenna. Chocolate drop or Hershey's kiss it's all the same, and so my friends what about you- wouldn't you love to have a 95lb Hershey's kiss? YUM-MY! Peace out folks.

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