Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Eyes on the Mark

My eyes are always fixed on her, and she always asks me why I'm staring at her. Hey I bet she would freak out and run out the room if I actually answered her. But anyway, I just love her and I already know that she loves me because she takes such good care of me.I don't want her to be out of my sight, I follow her everywhere and I mean everywhere; oh yeah, except the bathroom because she will not allow it, but if she did you better believe that I would be there as well. Even while lying down and half asleep, I have one eye open just to make sure that she is not going anywhere without me.Oh come on, I just can't help it! We are bonded together her and I and after all, I am her four-legged companion right? When she is going out I do know that she will come back to me, I just don't know when; but I guess that I am a bit possessive y'all. Hey, I'm sure that I am not alone because we are all well cared for and really love our folks, and I know that you just love being around the one you love, am I wrong yeepetters?But there are times when you want to just be by yourself, and that goes for me as well, and yes for me it is staying in my den; but she is never far behind and that's a fact! Peace out!

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