Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dice, Midnight's Jealous Mate

Oh snap!

She lets me out because I hear my buds outside, and me and Midnight greet one another with barks, yelps and of course crazy/frantic running around our yards; and before you know it, "Dicey" is getting all jealous and pretending to be in the "love" mood. Oh please, I can see right through that. And Midnight, well she's not falling for it either, and when he keeps trying she gets all rough on him. Now in the meantime, my Bev who by the way is still not feeling well, gets tired of waiting for me and ignoring her calls. Well she comes out and gets my attention by throwing something in the yard and then she barks, "GET UP HERE DUKE!" So I merrily run up and go inside, life is still good. Peace out.

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