Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cool, finally


Hey it is finally a nice cool day out today, I am a bit disappointed though because I did not see Midnight and Dice out today. I am so glad that she and I can breathe a sign of relief, which by the way, she was not feeling well yesterday because it was so hot and humid and because of that her asthma was the main topic of the day. I don't think that dogs get asthma, lol! But I do know that we have allergies, I can testify to that one. But as for this brand new day, life is good. I spotted a young mockingbird out back, she has been singing for weeks now and it sound so sweet. On a negative note, out front a mother cat and her two kittens have taken up residence next door and I don't like it. Of course she went out to see, but I know that she is allergic and did not get too close. I heard her awwwwwww and so cute early this morning. I did not see them but I caught the whiff of those intruders. Peace out folks!

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