Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lazy Hazy Days

Ho Hum!

Well that is how I am feeling today, it's hot and I feel kind of lazy today. She went back to the doctors today because she is still having some problems. I found out that there is a link between having heartburn and asthma, heartburn is the main problem for my Bev's symptoms. Looks like though she is well on her way to better health, with the right medication and she will be like her old self once again. Today while she was out, I stayed downstairs with her Dad; hey I bet you guys did not know that I still get into much mischief, she doesn't trust me to be by myself downstairs yet. And rightly so, there is so much for me to get into; like the blinds and curtains because I love looking out of the window and especially looking out for my other enemy, the mailman. Ahhh lets see, I do love to lay behind the couch and yes, I have tried to get behind the TV even though that is a no-no. Oh folks I could explore everywhere, so I guess I am still a pup at heart; funny though, the other dogs never had a problem and just laid downstairs without any problem. So what is it about me, a chocolate lab? I have no idea! Peace out folks!

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