Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's My Pre-rog-ative

Yeah that's right!

Hey it is my pre-rog-ative, I was not in the mood to make any entries in my diary and so I took a break. My Bev always tells me that I am too moody, well I guess I am. And besides all of that, she wasn't feeling well and not in the mood either, so I guess we are two peas in a pod and the old saying goes. Well folks we have been invaded by the enemy out front, CATS!!! KITTENS!!! Our next door neighbor is feeding them and they just will not go away. I just can't stand cats and kittens, and she doesn't care too much for them either; I think part of the reason is that she is allergic and with her Asthma bothering her right now she doesn't need those pests around her, ya know? So she is trying to find a way to discourage them from coming over my house, yes they have come over like I mentioned before, an invasion! So we will have to see just how Bev and her mother repel them. Now if they would only ask me, I would just tell them to let me at them; that would solve the problem because I don't like cats!! Until tomorrow folks. Peace out!

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