Friday, August 21, 2009

A Sprinkle a Day Helps Keep...


She is sprinkling me everyday with baby powder, well just my tail; you see folks I was bitten by those mosquitoes again and I have two bites on my tail. I don't know where she gets these home remedies but this is not working for me. I am very itchy from these bites and I guess my digging kind of drives her crazy. Oh don't get me wrong, she has tried doggie bug spray but these buggers just love me, guess they are drawn to my chocolate coat because they really flock around me. So anyway, she uses this baby powder thinking that it will dry out the bites. I am a nice chocolate brown only, not brown and white and I wish that she would try something else. Does anyone have any ideas? And changing the subject a bit, please remember to cast your vote for me as the cutest dog and please vote everyday. Thanks and peace out!

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