Monday, August 31, 2009

My Friend Lucky

Yes for today I am a sad Chocolate Lab because my friend Lucky has died, I just could not bring myself to make any kind of entry yesterday. While we were relaxing on our bed, she called her friend Karen to find out why she hadn't heard Lucky outside; and I was wondering myself because she would always bark when I came out back, she was so crazy about me, or at least that is what Karen told Bev. As they were talking and she asked about Lucky, I heard my Bev say that she was so very sorry, and that she knows just how she feels, and folks she really does. This December would be seven years since her Quincy has died and it was very painful for her, as a matter of fact she still misses him. My friend Lucky lived on the left side of me with the alley dividing us.I will really miss her and you have to excuse me folks because I cannot give the details of her death, it is just too painful. And so folks there you have it, the diary of a sad chocolate lab, hopefully I will feel like my old glad self tomorrow. Peace out.

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