Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hypnotic Eyes Don't Work


That's right, hypnotic eyes don't work. I tried to give her that cutey dog look, my ears were back and folded because she really loves that; and my brown eyes were fixed on her with my tongue hanging out. IT DID NOT WORK PEOPLE! While she was fixing her father's meal, I set my eyes on the top of the fridge where she keeps my milk bones; oh she looked right up there too, but when she looked down on me do you know what she said? Oh you already had your share for today and went on fixing the meal. But I kept at it and do you know what she gave me for looking so cute? A COUPLE PIECES OF LETTUCE! Oh don't get me wrong folks, I love lettuce, but that does not keep my pearly whites-white! Good ol milk bones, I have two everyday, I must admit though I am greedy because I just love my bones. Perhaps she will change her mind later and give me just one more. So to my canine friends, if you think that you can look dreamy or cute at your loved one, think again becaussssssse-HYPNOTIC EYES DON'T WORK! But I will not give up y'all. Peace out!

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