Monday, August 17, 2009

Invasion- pt2

Hi ya folks!

Well the invasion of the cat/kittens is over, they have flew the coop; well one has been killed by a car and I am sorry about that. I did not wish any harm to come to them even though they are the enemy. But the mother has taken her one kitten down the street somewhere. You know, I would never have hurt them; oh perhaps I would show my teeth and growl, or maybe raise up my fur so that I would appear larger than life to them. So I am really sorry about that; I overheard my Bev and her Mother and so that is what happened. But let me tell you this, Pinetree Cubbieduke is still on the watch for another invasion, because you never know. I mean after all, I am the protector of the house, am I not? Please folks don't forget to cast your vote everyday for me at: Thanks folks, peace out!

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