Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bev's Doggie Bath in a Bag

Hi folks,
I'm back, I have turned that sad into glad again; I am still missing my friend but I do know that she is not suffering anymore and neither is Quincy. When conditions outside are not favorable, or in the winter time, she had this bright idea to give me a simple bath. This bath in a bag was not her idea really because when she once took care of patients, that is what the hospital provided; she just made up her own so let her keep on thinking that this was her great idea. When I am especially smelly, you guys know that I love it outside and sometimes I smell like it, so is this my fault? So anyway, she gets this ziplock bag and pours some of the tea tree oil shampoo inside, then adding the water and mixing it all up she finally puts in the handiwipe; I am wiped down from head to tail and under my tail and then legs and paws, then she does the rinsing. I must tell you folks that this does not feel bad at all, as a matter of fact it feels just like a nice rubdown or massage. I love her and how she cares for me, she is the best ever! Now the question is, how long will I continue to have that nice tea tree aroma? It all depends, and I will leave that to your imagination. Peace out!

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