Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I am Heartbroken!


Take notice of my title again, I am both mad and heartbroken! Yesterday as we were watching TV, what we heard on the news was so terrible; it seems that some very cruel and sick and terrible person was abusive to a cat! Now I will admit again that I don't get along with cats, but listen, to abuse any kind of animal is unforgivable.
This poor cat was wrapped in duct tape and I am furious! She also was furious and could not bear to even listen to the details. UGGGGGGG! You know what? When people are abusive to animals, the abuse that they did to that poor animal should be done to them. Now how would this person feel if he was wrapped in duct tape all over and could not breathe? Huh, how would he like it? My Bev and I were both relieved to hear that the cat is recovering very nicely now, I do hope that this poor feline will be adopted as soon as possible. I am so sick over this folks because this should not be! Here in Philadelphia, PA they don't seem to be strict at all when it comes to animal abuse and we are both sick and tired of this!I couldn't count the number of times that she has called her local SPCA for animal abuse, it is so bad for her that she just can't stand to hear or watch the news when they have it on. This segment about the cat came on her so fast that she did not have time to turn off the TV, but I can understand how she feels and I know you yeepeters hate such stories as well. Well that's it for now and there is certainly no peace out either.

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