Sunday, September 13, 2009

You Ought to be in Pictures

Yo, yo, yo!

So what do you think, should I go for it and be on TV, movies or what? She is always going crazy over those doggie commercials like K9 Advantix, cottonelle and the latest one she goes gaa-gaa over is the Spdr commercial with that lovesick Jack Russell.I can be just as famous and as my title reads, "You ought to be in pictures". Now how can I best utilize my talents? What are my talents? Well for starters I am smart as a whip, I have a endless knowledge of vocabulary and great at reading body language; I am also good at following commands, okay I am a bit stubborn and moody but work with me.Oh, I am very handsome with my very muscular stocky body, light brown eyes; heck folks I am very irresistible. So I'm ready, how about if you compare pics for yourself and then you can tell me: "LIGHTS, CAMERAS, ACTION! Peace out folks!

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