Monday, September 28, 2009

The Stare-down

Hola Folks!

My stare-down is different from my cute look, when I want to get on the bed I am very stubborn at times and she does not like it at all! So after I have my morning meal, I usually want to get right back up onto the bed and she is not having it. So when she tells me to lay down or go into the kennel, that is when I do my stare-down.Yeah I do it hoping that she will change her mind, but that never works at all. Finally she is very stern when she again tells me to GET INTO THE KENNEL! I do it but while in the down mode I still try the stare-down and I am very stubborn at this time. Well folks after she does not even look my way or say anything to me I finally give up and lay my head down in defeat.But hope is still alive! After a while she looks my way and when she calls me I am up like a flash and unto the bed. But this does not happen all of the time, I think that she is trying to get rid of my stubborn streak, but I don't think that's happening folks! I will keep at it like a dog chewing a rawhide. Peace out!

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