Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hi Folks!

Her name is Sticky the cat, the people from the SPCA named her that because some stupid jerk wrapped her in duct tape. And guess what? They caught the bum folks, they actually caught him. A 19 yr old male is now in custody for his hateful act! And folks he claims that he didn't have his head on straight, DIDN'T HAVE HIS HEAD ON STRAIGHT? NO EXCUSE FOLKS, NONE WHATSOEVER! Even some of his friends claimed that he was a nice person and could not have done such a thing, and boy were they really surprised when they found out that he did do such a cruel thing. Well, wake up! There are plenty of animal haters out here, they love and take pleasure in torturing animals; why would anyone want to harm any kind of animal? Well the good news is that this hater is now in jail and as for Sticky, she has been adopted folks, isn't that great news? Yes, this gray and white tabby has now been adopted and is well on her way to a happy and peaceful life. Yea! for Sticky. Well that's it, this case is closed and the cat has a brand new home and life. Peace out!

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