Thursday, September 10, 2009

Her First Love


There, I've said it! Oh she has had other dogs but I think that Quincy was very special to her. His full name was Huntington "Quincy" Bryan Duke, ooooh very classy name and he really looks classy too. But I think it's all that they went through together those 13 years. Wow! I do hope that I live 13 plus years with her; but I do understand it when she often glances at his pictures, it's okay with me.
But she glances and sometimes looks so sad, she even has four pictures on her desk, make that five. I know it's hard to lose someone you love, I know now. But I must say that the old boy is a fine looking chap of a dog, tall and slender with long flowing red hair; oh it's funny because I am just the opposite, short and stocky with short brown hair. HA! HA!Wow! Quinn was a ladies kind of dog and very pampered and me, the Duke, a man's dog and I like playing rough too! Yep, we are two different dogs Quinn and I, but she loves me just the same. Oh well, I don't mind it at all because I know how it feels to miss and long for someone you love; that's why we are so good together. Peace out folks!

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