Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm Here Now

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Take a good look at those pics of all the dogs before me, not a bad looking bunch. She first had Patches, the black and white looks a bit stressed, then Sheba the beautiful brown and black to the left with those lovely ears; Spanky is in the center. And to think that all three lived under the same roof! OMG! i don't think that I could deal with that, no way dude! Now Quinn lived there by himself and from what I understand, he did not, would not tolerate having other dogs in his home. And that is exactly how I feel, I'm here and loving every bit of it; love my Bev most of all though. Hey I suppose that if Quinn and I were here together, we might clash a bit at first for her affections; but hey, knowing my Bev she would make room on her bed for both of us. Sure would have been crowded but love rules! Peace out.

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