Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Home Alone-Again!

Hey Folks!

So here's how I relieve my boredom from missing her, are you impressed? Anyway here I am again, home alone; I guess it cannot be helped and that I should not act so spoiled. But hey, who spoiled me? And do you think that I expect her to take me everywhere? I bet that some of you do think that, but the fact is that I would love to be with her no matter where she goes.Oh lets get real, dogs are not allowed everywhere, but the last time that I was alone she came back and shared some fries with me; but not this time, just like before her dad had to go back into the hospital but it is not serious folks. This time though she could not feed me my dinner because I already had my morning meal and that is when she left.Instead though I had a later than usual dinner, but that's fine with me as long as she fed me herself. Oh, she did let me lick the yogurt cups. Ummm! I love yogurt, the only downfall is that even licking the cups gives me gas and you know what that means. Peace out folks!

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