Friday, September 11, 2009

A New Encounter

Hey folks!

She was letting me out last night and low and behold there were two other dogs new to me across from me, naturally I had to show them who's the dog and rushed right over. One's name was Coco a boy, and I was so excited after I got over myself as I wagged my tail like a whip, I wanted to then be nice and greet him properly. I don't think that she liked my encounter much because I was doing the ignoring bit again.But surprisingly she was a bit patient with me; I think the reason behind all of this is that Coco's girl is the one who is always allowing him and the other dog to do their business on our front sidewalk and THAT IS NOT RIGHT FOLKS -SO CURB YOUR DOGS PEOPLE! Folks that is down right nasty and I don't blame her one bit for feeling that way. When we walk she may allow me to mark my territory against a tree, but never pooping on other people's property and that's a no-no!Her mother has fussed and fussed at this girl, telling her to clean up after these dogs and she is just ridculous, and the next time I think that the family will be reported. Now I cannot tolerate that because I know what to do and what not to do, it's all in the upbringing. I like Coco and would like him to be my new friend but he needs to learn manners first. uggg!! Peace out!

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