Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Hey folks!

I just had to send a shout out to CatseyeEditing of yeepet.com, because of her suggestion she has bought "pedipaws" for me. Yea! That means no more cutting of my quick and you dogs and cats know just how much that hurts! I mean I am so very happy, I know that she means well and I am very good even though I don't like it one bit; but when the package came in the mail she was just as excited.We do have to take it slow however because I have to get used to the thing. She did read those instructions very carefully and has my reward treats ready, the only thing now is that she has to buy the C batteries because we ran out of them. But all in all, CatseyeEditing thanks so much for your suggestion. This will be so much better for me and for her as well.Hey, this is the first time that I gave kudos to anyone! And finally guess what? I am now getting three, that's THREE bones a day! How cool is that y'all! Peace out.

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