Friday, September 18, 2009

Cubbie the Mosquito Slayer


Okay, I really did not slay a mosquito, but you decide whether or not I get credit anyway. We were both out back today, she on one side using the weedwacker, and I really don't like it because it's way too loud; but Midnight was out so I tried to ignore the sound.Anyway, when we both got back in three mosquitoes piggybacked their way inside; I think on me but then again she was bitten several times and so who knows. So while she was cleaning off the wacker, she noticed at least one, oops! not true! I noticed first and then she guessed that I brought them in; and listen, I am the one seeing them first so sorry for rambling on.I try to catch them, you know mouthing them; don't have a bird man because they are too fast for me and never see the inside of my mouth. That is when she does the killing, so I am claiming that I am the slayer here okay? Besides all of that, you already know that I am a mosquito magnet, right?

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