Thursday, September 3, 2009

You are too impatient!

Am I really? That is what she tells me all of the time; I guess that I don't want to wait for anything. Whether going outside, I burst right in front of her and don't you think that I get away with it either. Then, "feeding time!" Breakfast and dinner, it does not matter because as soon as she puts down my bowl, Dash-in-a-flash!Now I had no choice but to have learned my lesson because I used to growl after she put down my bowl, but she immediately took it up and waited for 30 minutes, then she put it back down again. Now this went on for two days and believe me when I tell you that I learned my lesson, and gained some doggie common sense. According to my former girl, she was told by the breeder that I was a bully; and I was always hogging the food so that my litter mates could not eat, okay so I thought that it was all "mine". Well needless to say, Bev has nipped this in the bud and I will admit that I am still a bit impatient with some things and I don't know what else my Bev has up her sleeve, but time will tell. Peace out folks!

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