Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Her Verdict

Oh well!

Well folks she has laid down the law, but first let me explain how it used to be. In the morning before breakfast she would give me my milk bone, then I would wait while she prepared my meal. Now today she tested me, if I ran to my meal and or growled I would not get my bone. Well I passed breakfast and got my bone, but that was then and this is now; for dinner I failed hands down and she did not give it to me. I guess I was just not in the mood or whatever. I would also get another milk bone in the afternoon and of course, I did not get it; you can't blame a dog for trying. I have to try harder folks, why am I so greedy? I certainly get enough food to eat, that's for sure! How could I act so uncivilized y'all? Does anyone have any suggestions? She has certainly tried, I do know that she read in a Labrador Retriever magazine that Labs were very impatient and I guess that I am. Oh well, we will see. Peace out!

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