Saturday, September 19, 2009

10lbs of Pure Delight

Whoa Folks!

I got it! I got it! 10lbs of pure delight, MILK BONES! MILK BONES! Oh how I love milk bones! She came in from the market and when I came downstairs, the first thing that I got a whiff of was milk bones; then I ran into the kitchen and was already excited because it was my dinnertime, yea! But as I drew closer to the counter, WOW! This was the biggest box of milk bones ever and I was think that since she bought such a big box, that she would give me more than the usual two. Now as you remember from reading my other entry, I was practically begging for two; but I guess the hog in me has really come out. She does tease me, telling me that I look like one of those country hogs.Hey listen, there are certainly plenty of bones in that big box and I can certainly have an extra one don't you think? So here's to hoping folks, Peace out!

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