Thursday, September 24, 2009

An Unwanted Surprise

Hey Folks!

Well today I finally got a much needed bath. Whew! A sign of relief and Phew! I was kinda funky to say the least. Since it was nice and cool she gave me the bath in a bag,and it felt so good when she first combed and brushed me to get rid of that old hair; and it really felt so good to have her wipe me down with the tea tree oil shampoo. Now you guys now that my breed, the Chocolate Labrador loves the water; but folks, when she took that bucket of water and poured it all over me I can tell you that I did not care for that at all; and then she blurted out, "I thought you were supposed to love the water". Well not at that time I didn't!But that was not the unwanted surprise folks, after she wiped me dry, to my surprise she brought out her old hair dryer because I was not dry completely. It was set at warm and that was fine I guess, but when she turned it on folks, I thought that I was going to come out of my skin. I'm sorry but I'm not Quincy and so I was afraid of that noise; listen, that was my first time hearing that, I'm not used to that at all! Oh she did not get mad at all and took the time to towel dry me off, I appreciated that. So there were four things that I enjoyed today, 1- Her grooming me before the bath, 2- The nice sponging down, that really felt good, 3- The brief walk and finally 4- THE MILK BONE! Ahhh, life is good! Peace out y'all!

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